Melita Malta

"Many thanks for your team’s good work. The refurbishment of our Vertex 4.5m antenna went very well. Everything seems to be working great. The 2 highly specialised persons you sent on site did a very good job!"

Stefan Gatt
Manager TV Networks
Melita, Ltd. Malta


South Coast Video Pty, Australia

"The TWTA arrived today, well packed and in good condition! It works perfectly after tests. Thank you also for the extensive Test-report containing lots of good information. Maybe the OEM should take your test reports as an example!"

John Jeffrey
Managing Director
South Coast Video Pty, Austrlalia


SatGate, Lithuania

"Skybrokers is a reliable source for all sorts of SatCom equipment. New as well as Used. We use them on a regular basis."

Kirill Lupandin
CEO SatGate
Vilnius, Lithuania


RTE Network Operations, Ireland

"I have received the equipment and all very much at our satisfaction.
Great and thanks Walter, looking forward to doing business with you guys again..."
Des Mac Giolla Chloig
RTE Network Operations, Ireland

Overon S.L, Spain

"Skybrokers has proven to be an excellent partner to deal with, either as a supplier or as a customer. The list of hardware they have access to is impressive and they are always willing to assist when needed."

Dario Garrido del Hoyo
Teleport Manager & RF Engineer
Overon S.L, Madrid, Spain


CETel GmbH, Germany

"Skybrokers is flexible and supportive.They never leave you alone in case of any unforeseen problem."

Sergey Raber
Director Operations
CETel GmbH, Germany


EasySat S.r.l, Italy

"As always skybrokers has met our expectations.
Excellent availability, technical support and after sales service.
Great Walter!"
Jessica Battistella
RF Engineer
EASYSAT - Vicenza (Italy)

Comsoft GmbH, Germany

"COMSOFT Satellite Services has starting business with Skybrokers in 2010. We have experienced exceptional service and best performance. Thus Skybrokers has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Markus Tenbeck
Managing Director
COMSOFT Satellite Services, Germany


Neterra Communications, Bulgaria

"I can confirm receipt of the equipment. We are installing right now! Thank you for your quick reaction and fast delivery of all the equipment!"

Georgi Stoyanov
Neterra Communications, Bulgaria

BRT Telecomunicazioni, Italy

"The Receiver arrived this morning, well packed and working. We are going to install it coming days. Thank you for your great service!"

Giacomo Di Ciocco
BRT Telecomunicazioni, Italy

Dicto Citius, Lithuania

"We received the equipment, your actions were smooth and we got positive result in time. Thank you for collaboration!"

Tomas Dicto
Dicto Citius, Lithuania

South Link Satellite Broadcasting Operations, USA

"Thank you Walter!! It was a pleasure doing business with you!! 

Juan Munera
South Link, Inc, Miami Florida, USA

Studio Berlin Aldershof, Hamburg, Germany

"Thanks very Much, Walter!! Everything went well with the 3.7m relocation. It was great working with your guys and their incredible know-how!! (check the video!, click here)

Martin Schewe
Studio Berlin (Aldershof), Hamburg, Germany

John Matthews, UK

It is very refreshing to find a company that deals with the 'small man' order in such a professional manner. Thank you for your help. 

John Matthews

Cobbett Hill Earth Station, UK

We are pleased with the antenna relocation and I’m happy to say that the antenna now appears to be back and in better shape than it was before you took it down. (please click here to watch the video)

John Bulmer
Cobbett Hill Earth Station, UK

GTech, Poland

Yes, we received the frequency converter and we are pleased with it. Thank you for your supersonic action! 

Janusz Podenkiewicz
GTech, Poland

Cobbett Hill Earth Station, UK

The 9m antenna is performing beautifully on the uplink and we reached a fantastic gain with only 35Watt. Thanks a lot for your efforts to improve the performance of the antennas! (please click here to watch the video)

Paul O'Brien
Managing Director
Cobbett Hill Earth Station, UK

Siminn hf, Denmark & Iceland

We received the upgraded Paradise modems in Denmark and Iceland. The tests went well and we are happy with the results. Thanks for arranging everything in time! 

Thorleifur Arnarson
Technical Engineer
SIMINN hf, Denmark & Iceland

Spacenet de México

You guys are professionals and we were very impressed with your excellent job. Congratulations! Thank you also for the amazing video (click here) you made of the installation.

Marco Lorenzana
PM of infraestructure and satellites projects
Spacenet de México

DataSat Communications, Ltd.

It was great having you guys on site last week. The job went really well and it is fantastic seeing people who know to get things done! (Please click here to watch the video).

Frank Overton
Manager Teleport Operations
DataSat Communications Ltd, UK