Vertex Digital C-band Tracking - Beacon Receiver model TRC-14

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Vertex Digital Ku-band Tracking - Beacon Receiver model TRC-14

Brand: Vertex
Part number: TRC-14

The Model TRC-14 Tracking Receiver, developed by Vertex Communications years ago, is a versatile, still reliable and user-friendly receiver and down converter in one compact rack-mount (4RU) unit for use step track antenna control systems in satellite earth Stations.

The TRC-14 provides a proportional DC tracking signal from any of four customer-defined, crystal-controlled beacon frequencies in the C-band range. Any beacon in this bandwidth range can be selected using a customer-furnished reference generator connected to the external Frequency Reference Input of the TRC-14.

The front panel offers convenient selection of the desired beacon. An alphanumeric display provides direct readouts of the  selected beacon frequency and the operating conditions of the major sub functions. A meter shows the DC tracking voltage output level for the selected beacon.
For remote operation, the TRC-14 accepts dry contact closures for beacon selection. An auxiliary signal strength output provides for independent monitoring. A from C dry contact summary alarm output is provided for monitoring any critical fault in the receiver, including loss of signal.

Input power, 120/220/240 VAC (50/60Hz). See datasheet for additional specs. This is a like new unit and had a new value of 13K euro. We provide a 1 year warranty.

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