VertexRSI 7200 3-Axis Antenna Controller IDU only for fixed antennas (USED)

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VertexRSI 7200 3-Axis Antenna Controller IDU only for fixed antennas (USED)

: VertexRSI
Part number: 7200

The VertexRSI Model 7200 Antenna Control System is a state-of-the-art automatic positioning system which incorporates advanced control modes and an enhanced menu-driven user interface to provide accurate antenna positioning with minimum operator effort. Fully automatic tracking of inclined orbit satellites is accomplished with the revolutionary VertexRSI Orbit Prediction Track (OPT) algorithm, which generates future AZ and EL pointing data by propagating a physically valid orbit through initial measured data to the time of interest. This type of ephemeris prediction offers increased efficiency and  accuracy over methods which merely use measured data in a curve fitting routine to predict a trajectory.

The Model 7200 user interface employs a front panel graphics display which provides convenient menudriven editing and  control function selection. In addition, a “Target- Oriented” operating environment allows the system to have  customconfigured control modes for multiple satellites, with simultaneous maintenance of corresponding data bases for  each. The system is configured around the Model 7200 Antenna Control Unit (ACU), contained in a 7-inch rackmountable cabinet.

The system is controllable via RS-232C or RS-422 serial ports, allowing for remote operation or integration with a supervisory monitor and control computer.

7200 ACU Key Features:

• Field proven in hundreds of critical applications
• Unsurpassed autonomous predictive tracking performance with Orbit Prediction Track (OPT)
• Clean, efficient user interface
• Extensive, context-sensitive on-line help
• 68030 CPU/VME bus structure
• Remote control and data entry
• Battery-backed non-volatile RAM
• Self diagnostics
• Multiple angle report resolution/accuracy option. 

This is an Antenna controller Indoor Unit only. This ACU can be purchased separately but can be offered in combination with the outdoor 7150 Drive Cabinet, new size-11 resolver kits and cabling. Please see our Antenna Tracking Packages section of the Antenna category.

VertexRSI - GDSatcom History

VertexRSI operated as a separate entity of General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Division after the acquisition by Defense & Security Company General Dynamics. GD SATCOM Technologies nowadays, is a global leader in satellite and wireless communications for video, voice and data offering a wide range of products and services.

In 1973, J. Rex Vardeman and A. Don Branum founded Radio Mechanical Structures, Inc. (RMS) in Kilgore Texas that was sold in 1977 to Harris Corp. The acquisition would form Harris Satellite Communications as a division of Harris Corp. In 1984, Vardeman, Branum and other key employees purchased Harris Antenna Operations and formed Vertex Communications Corporation. This publicly–held Texas Corporation was a world leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of precision satellite communications earth station antennas.

Vertex has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of the '200 Best Small Companies in America'. Vardeman was responsible for much of its success and has been credited for many of the technological advances in this industry.

Before VertexRSI became part of GDSatcom in 2004, it was owned by Tripoint Global that was composed that time of RSI, Prodelin, Gabriel Electronics & Microwave and CSA Wireless Communications. TriPoint Global Communications has been integrated into the General Dynamics C4 Systems business unit, which is a leading integrator of secure communication and information systems and technology.

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