Walton De-Ice, Gas Heaters for Earth Station Antennas

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Walton De-Ice, Gas Heaters for Earth Station Antennas

Brand: W.B. Walton Enterprises
Part number: na

W.B. Walton Enterprises Inc. (Also known as Walton De-ice) designs and manufactures the broadest line of equipment available for preventing the accumulation of snow and/or ice on satellite earth station antennas. The original Walton De-ice product includes a behind the antenna main reflector plenum (enclosure) which is heated with hot air. These systems are for antennas ranging in size form 5-meters to 32-meters in diameter. Walton De-ice offers several options for heating including, gas heaters with their economical operation advantages or the low maintenance Stainless Steel Electric Heaters.

The Walton Gas Heater manufactured by W.B. Walton Enterprises are designed specifically for De-icing Satellite Communication Antennas. These heaters are designed to be suspended from the antenna mounting structure and to provide long reliable service for years to come. These heaters include such safety devices as the Over- Temp Electro Mechanical Latching Relay. Each heater is equipped with a F-200 Degree snap disc. During normal operation, this snap disc is open. Should the blower motor fail, the temperature at the rear of the heater will increase to a temperature in excess of 200  degrees within a few seconds, which will close the snap disc and operate the latching relay. This action will disengage the gas valve and prevent it’s re-opening until the heater cover is removed, the heater is checked, and the over-temp reset switch is pushed. Another main safety feature of this heater is the Ignition Failure feature. When the Synetek Ignition Unit calls for heat, the Ignition Unit within the heater will open the gas valve and attempt to ignite the pilot for 15 seconds. If the pilot fails to ignite, the Ignition Unit will wait 10 seconds, and then attempt to ignite the Pilot for 2 more cycles. If after  the third ignition cycle the Pilot fails to ignite, the Ignition Unit will close the pilot valve and not attempt to restart until it has been manually reset at the heater, local or remote control units.

Representative Average Unit Costs of Energy
Energy Type     In Common Therms      $ per million BTU
Electricity         10.8 cents per KWh            $31.65
Natural Gas      75.3 cents per therm          $13.28
Propane           2.42 dollars per gallon         $26.50
Note: Energy costs are from the Dept. of Energy, Effective Date March 3, 2008.

Note: BTU= British Thermal Unit

Delivery time depends on antenna size. Skybrokers can assist with integration and installation of the de-icing system. Please ask for more details.

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