IDC MPEG2 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 Satellite Video Receiver TDR4022

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IDC MPEG2 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 Satellite Video Receiver TDR4022

Brand: International Datacasting (IDC)
Part number: TDR4022

Ideal for mobile broadcast contribution applications as well as monitoring in network and cable head end use, the TDR4022 Satellite Video Receiver combines best in class demodulator technology with proven IDC decoding to provide a complete IRD solution.

Easy to Use

There is a complete set of alphanumeric buttons on the front panel for easy configuration. The large LCD display is illuminated, yet provides high contrast for visibility in direct sunlight. The power switch is on the front panel for easy access. There are 24 user programmable preset configurations that can be named, stored and recalled from the front panel menu.

Reliable and Affordable

Using the latest integration of MPEG and low power digital electronics technology, the TDR4022 combines a complete IRD in a small, low power, quiet, highly reliable and full‐featured professional package.

Agile Receiver

The TDR4022 comes standard with both ASI and DVB-S QPSK demodulator. Additionally, the TDR4022 may be optionally configured with an 8PSK/16QAM demodulator, DS3/E3 receiver, IP input or DVB-S2 demodulator, using industry-leading S2 technology. It will support all standard video (PAL/NTSC) and audio (MPEG, AC3) formats, making the TDR4022 ideal for virtually every application.

Secure Transmission

BISS Mode 1 and E are supported by the TDR4022, in addition to the IDC proprietary Privacy Guard Conditional Access (PGCA). PGCA is a fixed key scrambling system that is included as a standard feature in IDC encoders and decoders. It is addressable and when used with an IDC encoder such as the SE4000 SD MPEG-2 Video Encoder, allows individual decoders to be added or deleted from the authorization list. No special intervention is required on the part of the TDR4022 operator.


• ASI, QPSK/8PSK/16QAM/16APSK*, DVB‐S2, DS3, E3 and IP UDP and COP3 IP input options available
• QPSK and ASI input options included in base unit
• RF input frequency 950 to 2150 MHz, Symbol Rate up to 45 Ms/s
• 4‐port RF input switch
• PGCA, BISS Mode 1 and E
• Front panel power switch
• Fully functional front panel control
• Easy to use Web browser control
• Large illuminated LCD display
• MPEG‐2 and DVB compliant
• 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 operation
• Broadcast quality video and two stereo audio pairs
• Composite PAL/NTSC and SDI video outputs
• Decode MPEG and AC3 stereo
• Pass-through Dolby® AC3 5.1
• Analog and AES serial digital audio outputs
• SDI embedded audio
• Supports Teletext, Closed Captions and other VBI

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