Tandberg TT1222 MPEG2 DVB 4:2:0 Professional Single-Channel Receiver (USED)

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Tandberg TT1222 MPEG2 DVB 4:2:0 Professional Single-Channel Receiver (USED)

Brand: Tandberg (Ericsson)
Part number: TT1222

The Tandberg TT1222 MPEG2/DVB Professional Single-Channel Receiver is a highly popular receiver for MPEG-2 4:2:0 MP@ML applications and is capable of receiving digital feeds from satellite links, terrestrial compression centres or a main cable head-end. The TT1222 can be used as a satellite receiver at receive sites and also for the monitoring of content delivery. The receiver supports a wide range of DVB open standards and proprietary scrambling systems making it well suited to operate in a large number of different satellite distribution systems.

The TT1222 can also be utilised in a highly secure TANDBERG Director network management and receiver control system. This system enables the operator to accurately control who receives their output and using the over air control facilities ensures that receivers are correctly tuned and their content scheduled. Again this removes the necessity for remote sites to be manned at all times.

• Cost Effective Solution
• Secure Transmission
• Professional Monitoring
• Single Service Descrambler

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