Ericsson EN8092 MPEG4 HD Encoder (NEW)

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Ericsson EN8092 MPEG4 HD Encoder (NEW)

Brand: Ericsson
Part number: EN8092

Offering picture-perfect quality is a challenge every operator faces – our EN8000 Series MPEG-4 AVC HD Encoders provide the highest quality HD encoding allowing your subscribers to feel apart of the action by offering crisp, vibrant video at extremely low bit-rates.

EN8092 MPEG-4 HD AVC Encoder

Ericsson leads the market in deploying MPEG-4 AVC HD encoders. The EN8092 is our second generation MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder and uses Ericsson’s second generation Intelligent Compression Engine technology featuring Clarus™ video pre-processing, with enhanced noise reduction, artifact removal and improved filtering. It redefines the economics of HD transmission and provides major improvements in picture quality, offering crisp, vibrant video at extremely low bit-rates. New image-enhancing techniques such as single-slice video processing architecture, multi-pass analysis and forward-looking encoding also improve efficiencies and reduce bandwidth usage. Combined with Ericsson’s Reflex™ statistical multiplexing, the EN8092 can achieve efficiency improvements of 50% over previous generations of MPEG-4 AVC HD.

The EN8092 provides the highest quality HD encoding, letting you see the emotions, the dynamism and vibrancy of colors and feel as if you were a part of the action. The EN8092 uses a comprehensive toolset of performance boosting advanced compression video processing features and increased processing power. This new generation of HD encoding delivers more HD video and audio channels in the available bandwidth, enabling the launch of additional HD services in an existing network.


Two or more HD channels in a digital terrestrial transmission channel where previously only one has been possible.

Increased number of channels on an existing satellite or cable TV network.

Enabling HD services to be offered on some ADSL networks.

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  • Current status: 2-3 weeks ARO
  • Condition: NEW with OEM warranty
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