IDC MPEG4 Audio Encoder ENC3001T

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IDC MPEG4 Audio Encoder ENC3001T

Brand: International Datacasting (IDC)
Part number: ENC3001T

A high-performance digital audio encoder, the ENC3001T offers many advanced audio codecs to ensure compatibility with performance and bandwidth expectations.

The ENC3001T features MPEG-4 HE-AAC, MPEG-2 AAC and ISO/MPEG Layer III encoding capabilities and is fully compliant with international standards. All of the common bit rates and sample rates are offered to enhance the IP delivery of audio.
The ENC3001T includes balanced audio inputs on XLR connectors and digital audio inputs using AES/EBU or Livewire input via networked IP on Ethernet. Livewire, from Axia, is a high-performance uncompressed digital audio networking interface/transport technology which provides savings on network wiring costs while maintaining audio quality by minimizing audio encode/decode occurrences.

The encoder output is normally digital audio transported with UDP/IP packets using RTP protocol which is fed to an IDC Event Manager or directly to the satellite system IP encapsulator.
The LCD and keypads on the front panel allow for easy setup and monitoring locally and the web browser interface allows for easy remote monitor and control. Users can select the audio quality by adjusting the codec, bit rate and sample rate. The SuperFlex Pro Audio Series receivers will flow automatically which allows for maximum network flexibility and minimal cost. Software can be upgraded by using the internal FTP capabilities allowing future-proof protection of the implementation of next-generation codecs currently being developed. The ENC3001T is RoHS compliant and CE certified to meet the demands of users worldwide.


• MPEG Layer III
• IP Multicast (RTP)
• Livewire digital audio output
• Analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs with independent sample rate converters
• 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port allows remote control and streaming of audio over a LAN or WAN
• TCP/IP network connectivity
• Front panel headphone jack with level control
• Auto‚Äźconfiguring 90-240 volt power supply


• Broadcast Radio

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