Scopus CODICO E-1000 MPEG2 Encoder (USED)

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Scopus CODICO E-1000 MPEG2 Encoder (USED)

Brand: Scopus (Harmonic)
Part number: E-1000

The Scopus CODICO® E-1000 Broadcast MPEG2 Encoder is part of the Scopus 3rd generation of MPEG2 DVB Encoders for digital video broadcasting. The E-1000 is a professional high quality Encoder that applies a state-of-the-art  video pre-processor to provide efficient bit rate and buffering control, delivering flexible encoding capabilities and high quality pictures at any given bit rate. The E-1000 is a compact rack mount (1RU) device.

The E-1000 Encoder supports the dynamic change in the world of broadcasting. Various interfaces together with a high performance core, high speed data [processing, VBI support and advanced  program multiplexer, from a state of the art 3rd generation DVB encoder. A variable bit rate (VBR)  mode  is available for statistical Multiplexing operation.

• Fixed and Mobile Contribution / Distribution
• Cable TV head-ends
• Digital Turnaround (DTA)
• Video Distribution over Telco infrastructure
• Video-on-Demand
• Direct Broadcast Satellite

Features and Options
• BISS mode 1 and BISS-E (DSNG-CA) support (optional)
• Built-in DS-3, G.703 interfaces (optional)
• Teletext and VBI Support, Analog and over SDI (optional)
• SNMP agent (optional)
• Encoder cascading (optional)
• Up to 4 stereo channels
• -48v power supply
• Low power consumption
• Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2.0 Encoding
• Dolby Digital (AC-3) Pass-Through
• Linear PCM and Dolby-E Pass-Through

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History of Scopus

Scopus Video Networks, Ltd. was engaged in the development, marketing, and support of digital video networking products that enabled network operators to offer advanced video services to their subscribers.

The company was founded in 1993 by David Mahlab in the State of Israel as Telcatel Teletec Advanced Telecommunications, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tadiran Ltd., which was founded in 1932. In the next year Tadiran changed the name to Scopus Imaging, Ltd. and in 1996 the company changed its name again to Tadiran Scopus, Ltd. and in 2001 to Scopus Network Technologies, Ltd.

To reflect the video focus, Scopus Network Technologies changed its name to Scopus Video Networks, Ltd. in 2005. The name change highlighted Scopus vision as a leading provider of digital video networking products that delivered video over broadcast and broadband, IP-based networks.

In December 2008 US based Harmonic, Inc., a leading provider of broadcast and on-demand video delivery solutions, acquired Scopus Video Networks, Ltd. for approximately 50 million USD. The merger was completed in the first quarter of 2009. At the time of the merger Scopus had about 300 employees worldwide.


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