Tandberg E5500 MPEG2 Encoder DSNG (USED)

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Tandberg E5500 MPEG2 Encoder DSNG (USED)

Brand: Tandberg (Ericsson)
Part number: E5500

The Tandberg E5500 MPEG2 DSNG Encoder provides all the functionality required for a multitude of Outside Broadcast  (OB) applications. Based on the latest technology platform the E5500 utilises the very best field proven encoding and pre-processing delivering a truly unbeatable feature set.

The compact 2RU design includes an MPEG-2 4:2:0MP@ML encoding engine at its heart with can be optionally upgraded to MPEG-2 4:2:2P@ML. Accepting either an SDI or Composite input the E5500’s leading edge encoding will produce a delay figure of less than 200ms ensuring the very best minimum system latency. Data insertion is also catered for via either the High Speed RS-422 or Low Speed RS-232 Data ports.

Built in frequency agile QPSK modulation provides a tuneable IF of 50-90Mhz in 125Khz increments with a maximum symbol rate of 30m/sym per second. The E5500 also accepts the new Tandberg re-multiplexer module for multi-channel applications. The re-multiplexer module is available as an optional extra, when fitted the E5500 will be able to accept up to 3 additional ASI transport streams, providing a compact, lightweight and easy to use 4 channel MPTS system.

Key Features
• MPEG2 4:2:0P@ML
• MPEG2 4:2:2
• Built-in frequency agile QPSK modulator with a tuneable IF output of 50-90MHz (70MHz, +/-20MHz) in 125kHz steps with a maximum symbol rate of 30m/sum per second.
• Field proven encoding & pre-processing ensuring low encoding & system latency with low delay modes at less then 200ms.
• Mux card available.
• SDI & composite video inputs, with inputs for high & low speed data.
• Easy to use front panel LCD with built-in video input display monitor.

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