Tandberg E5788 Voyager MPEG2 HD DSNG Encoder Full options

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Tandberg E5788 Voyager MPEG2 HD DSNG Encoder Full options

Brand: Tandberg (Ericsson)
Part number: E5788

The high definition (HD) market development is fully implemented. Broadcasters and satellite news gathering organizations are covering more live events, sports and news spots in HD to satisfy customer demand for HD content and to generate competitive advantage. To meet those needs, Tandberg Television is offering the E5788 MPEG-2 HD platform, a cost-effective and reliable HD contribution encoding solution that provides premium HD quality at the lowest possible bitrate and price. MPEG-2 is still the best option for very high quality contribution and the E5784 is available in 4:2:0 HD encoding with a license-key upgrade to the E5788 4:2:2 version. Both versions include an integrated satellite modulator for either IF or L-band frequency output, supporting DVB-S2 hardware as standard, which can reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 35%. With DVB-S2, customers can free up transponder space for additional HD channels or other advanced services. Tandberg Television's E5788 Voyager encoder platform is a versatile 2RU MPEG-2 HD platform that delivers an extensive array of optional performance-enhancing upgrades and outstanding multi-channel audio options.

The E5710 is easily adaptable to a wide range of professional applications that require top-level performance and  functionality. Its compact size and low-bit rate performance make it an ideal component in multi-channel solutions for broadband DSL/FTTH, cable, satellite, digital terrestrial or distribution applications.

Base Unit Features
DVB-S2 IF Modulator
Voyager E5788 IF (M2/VOY/E5788-IF)

Features Include
• MPEG-2 SD 4:2:2 or MPEG-2 HD
• E5788 variants support 4:2:2 HD
• Supports DVB-T or ATSC standards
• Provides internally generated static PSIP & PSI
• Interfaces for insertion of dynamic PSIP/SI
• Front panel control and operation for SPTS applications
• Advanced hierarchical motion estimation
• TANDBERG Television professional grade noise reduction
• Film mode detection (3:2 pull-down)
• Closed caption support input via RS-232, HD SDI (SMPTE 334)
• Converts EIA 608 to EIA 708 format
• MPEG Layer II Audio and Dolby Digital® (AC-3) two channel encoding
• Dolby Digital® (AC-3) 1-5.1 and Dolby® E channel pass-through
• Data insertion supporting RS-232 data and RS-422
• Flexible expansion support (2 slots available)
• Simple license-key upgrade for HOM and DVB-S2

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History of Tandberg

Norwegian based Tandberg was founded by Vebjorn Tandberg as Tandbergs Radiofabrikk (Tandberg's radio factory) in Oslo in 1933. During the early years, radios, loudspeakers and microphones were the main output from the factory. The company's first radio was named "Tommeliten", and used only earphones. In 1934 the first "Huldra" radio was launched, followed in 1936 by the "Sølvsuper". The Sølvsuper and the Huldra radios became the foundation for Tandberg's success.

The factory also started producing TV sets in the 60’s and color TV's were added to Tandberg’s lineup in 1969. In 1972 Tandberg purchased Radionette, another large Norwegian electronics firm that was focused on televisions. By 1976, TV's were Tandberg's major product and their factories employed 3,500 workers. In that same year the company was seriously affected by a major economic downturn and by 1978 it was insolvent. Vebjorn Tandberg was removed from control of the company and committed suicide in August. In December the company declared bankruptcy.

In the aftermath of the bankruptcy the original Tandberg was split into three parts. The television manufacturing portions became Tandberg Television, Tandberg Data took over the tape recording side of the company and moved it purely into the computer storage field and the remaining portions lost the "Radiofabrikk" to become, simply, Tandberg.

In April 2007, Tandberg Television was acquired by Ericsson. Tandberg Television operated as an independent entity within the Ericsson Business Unit Multimedia until January 25, 2010, when its name was changed to Ericsson Television, Ltd.

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