Thomson Vibe MPEG2 Encoder full options (USED)

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Thomson ViBE MPEG2 SD Encoder full options (USED)

Brand: Thomson
Part number: CDT5131D

The ViBe modular is the most versatile Codec for SD contribution & primary distribution over IP/aTM/PDH/SDH networks.

Its hot pluggeable modules offer encoding or decoding in MPEG-2 SD 4:2:2/4:2:0 format with a professional video quality at low latency.

ViBe Modular is available in two chassis models. The 1RU model with up to five modules, and the 5RUtelecom chassis with up to fourteen modules, provide processing for multiple services and intra chassis redundancy.

Each encoding & decoding module comes with its own interfaces for digital audio, SDI video and ASI. Thanks to a wide range of module domains. interfaces, ViBe Modular also supports  analog applications signals, extra audio encoders, bi directional, IP (100BaseT) and PDH/SDH (34 to 45 Mb/s) front ends for multiplexing and video transport over IP/Mpls networks, as well as PDH and soneT/PDH backbones.

Unit has MPEG2 SD 4:2:0/4:2:2, full hardware and software options, DVB-S included. 

We have 37 units available in excellent condition. 

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productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
manual.pdf Manual

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