LNA's / LNB's / BDC's

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LNA's / LNB's / BDC's


Skybrokers supplies LNA's, LNB's and BDC's from reputed manufacturers like Actox, Anacom, Comtech EFData, Alga Microwave, SatSys, Peak, NJRC and Norsat International. All used LNA's, LNB's and LNC's are tested in labs prior to shipping and carry at least a 30-day warranty. We will perform an operational check on all equipment sold to ensure that the device is capable to meet OEM specs.

Skybrokers has quick access to stock locations for new OEM LNA's, LNB's and LNC's. Just contact us and let us know your requirements. We are here to help you! 

Contact us for more information about our LNA's, LNB's and LNC's.