Norsat MarineLink COM Terminal 300cm COM30

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Norsat MarineLink COM Terminal 300cm COM30

Brand: Norsat International Inc.
Part number: MarineLink COM30

Norsat MarineLink COM30 VSAT terminal 300cm (118) providing reliable satellite communication at sea with 2,048kbps downlink and 512kbps uplink, 3-axis operating platform, 360degree high speed tracking design ensures a reliable link in even the most rugged conditions, simple set-up and pre-programmed satellite almanac, RxTx frequency Band: Tx: 5,85-6,725GHz, Rx: 3,4-4,2GHz in C-band, Gain: 40,1(Rx), 43,7 (Tx), BUC size 25W, 40W, 80W, 100W or 200W, Quattro Linear/internal PLL LNB for maximized global coverage, 380cm Radome for above deck installation, ACU for below deck installation, Antenna Weight: 620kgs (based on 25W BUC).

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