Sea Tel ST14 TVRO Radome 36cm

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Sea Tel ST14 TVRO Radome 36cm

Brand: Sea Tel Inc.
art number: ST14

Sea Tel ST14 TVRO terminal 36.8cm (14.5inch) is compact with a 14inch diameter dish inside. The new pedestal assembly is light weighted made of highly reliable and durable nylon polyamide. The ST14 has same features as the Coastal 18 incl. wide coverage range and built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisitions, Min. EIRP 50dB, 10-16VDC input power, operating Temp. range: -20-55degr Celsius, unlimited Azimuth Range, High performance stabilization and satellite tracing, Easy to install Dome, North American and European programming & digital music channels, Antenna weight: 6.8kgs.

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productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

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  • Current status: 6-8 weeks delivery time
  • Condition: new OEM