Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS8604A, 9kHz-8.5GHz

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Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS8604A, 9kHz-8.5GHz

Brand: Anritsu
Part number: MS8604A

Anritsu MS8604A offers full test performance in a single unit capable of evaluating the major characteristics of transmitters used in digital mobile communication worldwide. Applicable systems are PDC, PHS, NADC, digital MCA, GSM, DCS1800 (PCN), CT2, DECT, WCPE, PACS, RCR STD-39 and TETRA. In addition, the MS8604A has GMSK and p/4 DQPSK universal analysis functions for analysis of the GMSK and p/4 DQPSK modulation signal. It covers frequencies from 100 Hz to 8.5 GHz and measures spurious emissions over a broad frequency range. It can also measure RF signals directly up to 10 W (average burst power), and base band devices can be evaluated using its I/Q signal input function (option).

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