Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer 492A, 200kHz-22GHz

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Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer 492A, 200kHz-22GHz

Brand: Tektronix
Part number: 492A

Tektronix, Portable Spectrum Analyzer A492A, RF-band: 200kHz-22GHz, Amplitude comparison in 0.25dB steps, RBW: 1MHz-1kHz in 100Hz steps, High performance rugged compact sized, 3-button operation provides you simple as 1,2,3 through microprocessor coupled functions such as resolution BW, video BW, sweep-time, frequency span, RF attenuation and reference level.

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productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
manual.pdf Manual
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    € 2500.00

  • Current status: NOT available anymore
  • Condition: USED and tested with 90-day warranty