MCL, Inc. (CPI, Inc.)

MCL, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of CPI, Inc.

501 South Woodcreek

Bolingbrook IL 60440


Skybrokers offers for over 10 years MCL TWTA’s. We supported several clients with new and used MCL products, such as the MT3200 400W indoor TWTA and the 400-750 Watt outdoor units in Ku- and C-band.

About MCL, Inc.


MCL, Inc., was founded in 1961 and became a leading manufacturer of Klystron and Traveling Wave Tube amplifiers and redundant systems for use in a variety of satellite uplink and other microwave applications. MCL had spent 40 years developing high quality products to meet the needs of today's market place.

In 2000, MCL, Inc, was acquired by MITEQ, Inc. which was located Hauppauge on Long Island in New York, USA. 
MITEQ’s product lines included low-noise amplifiers (LNA's), high power amplifiers (HPA's), mixers, frequency-generation products, intermediate-frequency (IF) products, passive components, fiber-optic transmitters and receivers, and high-reliability products and integrated assemblies, upconverters, downconverters, broadband converters, test-loop translators, redundant switchover units, low-noise block converters (LNB's), redundant systems, beacon receivers, satellite simulators, fiber-optic products, transceivers and SATCOM high-power and broadband TWTA's and a range of equipment for INMARSAT applications.

MCL offered high power Klystron and Traveling Wave Tube amplifiers and redundant systems in S, C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka bands with RF power output levels from less than 100 watts to more than 3,000W. Configurations were offered for fixed, antenna mount and transportable applications. In addition, MCL also manufactured amplifiers for military satellite communications.

MCL operated from a modern, MCL-designed, two-story building located in Bolingbrook (Chicago area), Illinois. The facility occupied 124,000 square feet, of which 80,000 is used for the designing, manufacturing, testing and servicing of all types of high power amplifiers. MCL was equipped with state-of-the-art microwave and RF test equipment, modern assembly facilities and a machine/fabrication shop.

In July 2013 MITEQ sold its MCL subsidiary to Communications & Power Industries (CPI). MCL would be completely integrated into CPI’s Satcom Division with facilities in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada and Palo Alto, CA, USA.