Skybrokers delivered and installed a refurbished VertexRSI 6.1m antenna at M-Three Satcom Italy

In December 2017 Skybrokers delivered and installed an used and refurbished VertexRSI 6.1m Ku-band Earth Station antenna at the M-Three Satcom Teleport in Rome Italy. The antenna was fully refurbed including reflector panel painting (2 coats), jack screws oiled & greased and hardware kits and new motors were supplied. The installation and commissioning was successfully finished in December 2017.

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Thanks a lot for helping us with this antenna project, that was coordinated in detail! Our Vertex 6,1m antenna has recently gained new life, even in this difficult pandemic 2020, receiving full approval from one of the main European satellite operators. Skybrokers will definitively be in line in case of new future projects.

Giuseppe Latis
Senior Technical Engineer, M-Three Satcom, Italy