GDSatcom, 1:2 Redundancy Controller for LNA/LNB/BUC/SSPA Model RSC-1200

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GDSatcom, 1:2 Redundancy Controller for LNA/LNB/BUC/SSPA Model RSC-1200

Brand: GDSatcom
Part number: RSC-1200

Redundant systems increase system availability by including spares for critical units (e.g., LNA's, LNB's, BUC's
or SSPA's) in the signal path. In the case of a detected unit failure, the redundant system automatically switches to the spare. A 1:2 redundant system supports two active units and one spare unit. The GD Satcom RSC-1200 Redundant System Controller can directly power most LNA or LNB units and monitor the output voltages and currents to detect faults. The controller can also monitor external alarm input signals, such as from a SSPA or BUC, or  monitor a combination of output currents and external alarm inputs. Upon detecting a unit failure, the controller can automatically drive a waveguide switch to activate the spare unit.

• Standard 19" rack panel, 3½" high
• Dual, redundant power supplies
• Worldwide universal AC input capability
• Manual or automatic operation
• Mimic front panel graphically depicts switch positions and unit status
• Monitors unit currents, external alarms, or a combination of both to detect unit failure
• Automatically switches RF path to standby unit when unit failure occurs
• Jumperless RS-232/-422/-485 and parallel I/O M&C interfaces
• Audible alarm
• Jumperless software configuration of all options
• Remote Control Panel option duplicates front panel at remote site

GDSatcom history

GDSatcom (General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies) designs, produces and installs a range of Satellite Communications products including Earth Station Antennas, Antenna Controllers, Amplifiers, LNA’s, Frequency Converters and VSAT Systems. The company operates as a separate unit under the General Dynamics Mission Systems Division, a business unit of American global aerospace and defense company General Dynamics (GD).

In 2004 GDSatcom business unit acquired Trpoint Global, a privately held company in New York that bought VertexRSI in 1999 from Vertex Corp. Tripoint Global was composed that time of RSI, Prodelin, Gabriel Electronics & Microwave and CSA Wireless Communications.

In 2015 the Company combined their C4 Systems and the AIS (Advanced Information Systems) divisions to form GD Mission Systems. GDSatcom operates as a separate unit under the GD Mission Systems Division.

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