Satellite and Broadcasting Equipment Testing & Repair

Satellite Equipment Testing; For over 20 years Skybrokers delivers quality used satellite and broadcasting equipment. Extensive tests and checks of satellite and broadcasting equipment underlies that many repeat buying customers are satisfied with the service we support them with. We are very...

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Earth Station Antenna Refurbishment

Earth Station Antenna Refurbishment of a Andrew 9.3m antenna parts packed

Earth Station Antenna Refurbishment protects your investment by keeping the fundamental antenna structure viable for up to 25 years or more while increasing system performance. When your antenna system reaches its end-of-life (EOL) cycle, one important decision must be made; to refurbish or inst...

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Earth Station Antenna de-installation & Relocation

Earth Station Antenna de-installation & Relocation in Iceland

If you require a de-installation of your Earth Station Antenna or relocation to another location, Skybrokers can assist you. We are working with professional antenna installers that have a can-do mentality and flexible approach. We have performed many installations and various relocations worldw...

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Earth Station Antenna Installation

Skybrokers provided Earth Station Antenna Installation services of VertexRSI 11.1m C-band

Skybrokers provides top-notch installation services for Earth Station Antennas. We specialize in installing used and refurbished antennas for teleport and satellite operators. Our team of professional antenna installers has a can-do attitude and is highly adaptable. We bring our own tools and al...

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