Satellite and Broadcasting Equipment Testing & Repair

Satellite Equipment Testing; For over 20 years Skybrokers delivers quality used satellite and broadcasting equipment. Extensive tests and checks of satellite and broadcasting equipment underlies that many repeat buying customers are satisfied with the service we support them with.

We are very much aware of the sensitive equipment that will be used in equipment chains. Therefor we are testing encoders, frequency converters, receivers, SSPA’s & TWTA’s prior to shipping to secure proper operation when a device has been delivered to the end user.

HPA testing

In our lab, located in The Netherlands, we are testing new and used HPA’s with following test equipment:

We provide a testreport with each HPA. Because of the extensive tests that we perform during the Satellite Equipment testing we are providing a minimum of  90-day warranty on each device. When a HPA is not meeting our standards we do not ship and we let our customer know about the condition. If a device requires special repair we will work with dedicated repair centers.

Satellite and Broadcasting Equipment: testing & repair

All of our used encoders, modulators, frequency converters, decoders etc. are fully tested in our lab. Tests are conducted by professionals and with professional test equipment. If a device dos not meet our standards, we will not ship. We conduct repair or find you an alternative. Skybrokers provides standard 90-day warranty.

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