Earth Station Antenna de-installation & Relocation

If you require a de-installation of your Earth Station Antenna or relocation to another location, Skybrokers can assist you. We are working with professional antenna installers that have a can-do mentality and flexible approach. We have performed many installations and various relocations worldwide. In 2014 a VertexRSI 11.1m was relocated from the North side of London to a Teleport South of London. In 2016 we relocated a VertexRSI 8.1m antenna from ground level to a 2-story building in Iceland and recently we relocated a VertexRSI 9.3m antenna from Holland to Germany.

Before we start the relocation of the antenna, we measure the reflector and test the system. After re-installation and bring the antenna back in its original shape or even better. We replace resolvers, limits, cabling and EL & AZ motors if needed.

With all installations and relocations of earth station antenna systems we deliver following:

Before Earth Station Antenna relocation

During re-installation

After installation

Antenna de-installation and removal

Skybrokers is specialist in antenna de-installation and removal. We have de-installed many Earth Station Antennas from Teleports, buildings and ground levels around the globe.

Is your antenna not in use anymore? Do you want to have it de-installed? We can help you dismantling it in a professional and proper way. Our team will manage the complete de-installation project.

Our day fees are most competitive and we work efficient and quickly. Please feel free to send us your inquiry.

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