Scopus Video Networks, Ltd.

Scopus Video Networks, Ltd. was engaged in the development, marketing, and support of digital video networking products that enabled network operators to offer advanced video services to their subscribers.

In March 2009 Scopus Video Networks and its products were acquired by US based Harmonic, Inc.

Scopus provided a comprehensive digital video networking product offering, including intelligent video gateways, encoders, decoders and network management products. Its products were designed to allow network operators to increase service revenues, improve customer retention and minimize capital and operating expenses.

Scopus’ Intelligent Video Networking (IVNT) solutions provided next-generation, end-to-end IP-based technology for video delivery and processing for cable, satellite and Telco network operators and content providers. The company’s customers were among satellite and cable operators, broadcasters and terrestrial broadcasters. Scopus had offices in the United States, China, Russia, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, Argentina, and Brazil.

Company History

The company was founded in 1993 by David Mahlab in the State of Israel as Telcatel Teletec Advanced Telecommunications, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tadiran Ltd., which was founded in 1932 and is not exiting as a conglomerate anymore. The brand name survived through the former conglomerate’s many spin-offs and sold divisions.

Tadiran changed Telcatel Teletec Advanced Telecommunications, Ltd. in 1994 to Scopus Imaging Ltd., and in 1995 renamed into Scopus D.V.C. as Tadiran spun-off its activity in the field of digital video networking. In 1996 the company changed its name again to Tadiran Scopus, Ltd. and in 2001 to Scopus Network Technologies Ltd.

In 2002 Scopus Network Technologies acquired one of its leading competitors, Phillips Digital Networks, a subsidiary of the Koninklijke Philips N.V. headquartered in The Netherlands. The purchase was conducted via a stock swap according to a company valuation of around 30-40 million USD.

Scopus was also reporting to be moving in on other broadband digital broadcasting companies, including a division of the Norwegian company Tandberg, which operated a research center in Jerusalem that was spun off from NDS. Tandberg’s Jerusalem research center developed products that competed with Scopus.

To reflect the video focus, Scopus Network Technologies changed its name to Scopus Video Networks, Ltd. in 2005. The name change highlighted Scopus vision as a leading provider of digital video networking products that delivered video over broadcast and broadband, IP-based networks.

In August 2008 Scopus Video Networks Ltd. purchased Optibase, Ltd., a leader in advanced digital video solutions. The transaction was closed in the fourth quarter on 2008. Optibase was headquartered in Israel and operated through its fully owned subsidiary in Mountain View, California and offices in Japan, China, India and Singapore. Optibase products were marketed in over 40 countries through a combination of direct sales, independent distributors, system integrators and OEM partners.

In December 2008 US based Harmonic Inc., a leading provider of broadcast and on-demand video delivery solutions, acquired Scopus Video Networks Ltd. for approximately 50 million USD. The merger was completed in the first quarter of 2009. At the time of the merger Scopus had about 300 employees worldwide.

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