Guodian Gaoke

Guodian Gaoke (Guodian Gaokeji) is a Chinese private commercial space company and leading provider of domestic satellite IoT. The company is building a Low Earth Orbit IoT narrowband constellation, Tianqi, composed of 38 LEO satellites, which aims at enhancing connectivity and efficiency through smart, connected devices. 

The company, founded in 2015, has established a satellite application joint laboratory with the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications as well as with Beihang University and plans to complete the entire constellation by the end of 2022.

Guodian Gaoke is based in Bejing, currently has 16 satellites in orbit and completed the first phase of the constellation deployment in July 2021. The satellites enable a fly-over every 1.5 hours and consequently an update of a given sensor’s status. This frequency is deemed sufficient for most applications of industry verticals targeted by the Chinese company.

Company History

The company was established in June 2015 by Lu Qiang (CEO) and Zhang Jinwu. Qiang is specialized in IoT and is presently the director general of the China Satellite Internet of Things Industry Alliance. Jinwu holds a master’s degree at the China Astronaut Research and Training Center and an MBA at the China Europe International Business School.

In October 2018 Guodian Gaoke launched its first satellite, Tianqi-01, as a co-passenger to the Chinese-French Oceanography Satellite, CFOSAT, on a CZ-2C rocket operated by CGWIC from China.

On December 21st, 2020 CGWIC launched Guodian Gaoke’s Tianqi-08 (Xingzuo-08) Nano-satellite, as part of a commercial Rideshare payload of five satellites, into orbit on their Long March 8 first mission, debuting an expendable booster intended to eventually be outfitted for recovery and reuse. The Long March 8 rocket took off from the Wenchang satellite launch center on Hainan Island, China’s newest spaceport.

On April 27th, 2021 launch provider CGWIC orbited nine Nano-satellites for Guardian Gaoke with a Long March 6 rocket on a rideshare mission.

On February 26th, 2022 a Long March 8 launcher, operated by CGWIC, orbited the Tianqi-19 Nano-satellite. The spacecraft was manufactured by Shandong Institute of Aerospace Electronics Technology for Guodian Gaoke and its Tianqi low-Earth orbit narrow-band Internet of Things constellation.

On December 9th, 2022 the company launched its Tanqi-7 Nano-satellite using the Jielong-3 rocket that made its maiden flight launching from a floating platform from the Yellow Sea. Jielong-03 or Smart Dragon-3 or SD-3, is operated by China Rocket, a spinoff of state-owned CALT.

On January 9th, 2023 the company launched Tianqi-13 LEO satellite on a Ceres-1 rocket launcher operated by launch operator Galactic Energy from Jiuquan spaceport in the Gobi Desert in northwest China. Tianqi-13 was among five satellites that were sent into SSO; Tianmu-1 01 and -02, both meteorological satellites, and a ‘Science and Technology-1’ remote sensing satellite and a small satellite for science outreach named for Nantong Middle School.

SatelliteLaunch DateLauncherLaunch Provider
Tanqi-01Oct 29th, 2018CZ-2CCGWIC, China
Tanqi-02Aug 17th, 2019Jielong-1 CASC, China
Tanqi-03June 5th, 2019CZ-11H CGWIC, China
Tanqi-4ADec 7th, 2019Kuaizhou-1CASIC, China
Tanqi-4BDec 7th, 2019Kuaizhou-1CASIC, China
Tanqi-05Jan 15th, 2020CZ-2DCGWIC, China
Tanqi-06Oct 26th, 2020CZ-2C CGWIC, China
Tanqi-07Dec 9th, 2022Jielong-3China Rocket, China
Tanqi-08Dec 21st, 2020LM-8 CGWIC, China
Tanqi-09Apr 27th, 2021 CZ-6CGWIC, China
Tanqi-10July 25th, 2020CZ-4BCGWIC, China
Tanqi-11Nov 7th, 2020 Ceres 1Galactic Energy, China
Tanqi-12May 6th, 2021CZ-2CCGWIC, China
Tanqi-14June 18th, 2021CZ-2CCGWIC, China
Tanqi-15July 19th, 2021CZ-2CCGWIC, China
Tanqi-19Feb 26th, 2022LM-8CGWIC, China
Tanqi-13Feb 9th, 2023Ceres 1Galactic Energy, China

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Satellite fleet by Guodian Gaoke

Tianqi LEO satellite constellation