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KT Sat, Co, Ltd. is a Korea-based satellite operator and a subsidiary of the KT Corp. (KT or KT Telecom), formerly Korea Telecom. KT Sat operates five satellites in orbit, Koreasat-5, Koreasat-5a, Koreasat-6, Koreasat-7 (transponder lease on ABS-7 satellite from ABS satellite operator) and Koreasat-8 (transponder lease on ABS-2 satellite from ABS satellite operator).

KT Sat was established on December 4th 2012 when KT spun off its satellite business in an effort to enhance operational specialization and to foster management efficiency. With KT Sat separated it enabled the company to respond more promptly to the changing market environments as well as increasing competitiveness. KT Sat’s expansion started with the launch of two new satellites, Koreasat-7 and Koreasat-5A in 2017 expanding the satellite coverage to Southeast and Southwest Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia. Customer base also widened since then to Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand and Afghanistan.

KT Corp. group of companies are Korea-based that mainly provides telecommunication service. KT focuses on information and communications business, and it has the largest portion of the South Korean local telephone and high-speed Internet market.

KT Corp. operates its business through four segments:

Originally founded in 1981 as a public corporation, KT actively led Korea’s transition to the information era and played a key role in promoting the growth of Korea into a globally recognized IT superpower. In 2009, KT merged with its mobile subsidiary KTF, paving the way to the convergence of fixed and mobile services. Since KT initially introduced the Apple iPhone to South Korea, it constantly seeks new business area, such as media, virtual goods, and global business with its domestic businesses experience.

Recently the company is consulting with domestic and international airlines as it prepares to build global commercial networks via Koreasat-5A satellite for in-flight communications.

Company History

KT was the first and is the largest telecom company in Korea. The company’s operation initially started in 1885, then known as Hanseong Telegraph Office. In 1980’s, KT introduced fixed line telephones to households as a leader in the communication market, and in 1990’s, it became a leader both in wired and wireless communication markets by introducing as many as 20 million lines in fixed telephones and mobile phone with PCS as well as high-speed internet ADSL, paving a way for KT to become a representative communication service provider in Korea. After its complete privatization in 2002, KT has led the informatization era by introducing high speed internet and 3G mobile communication service for the first time within the country.

In 2019 KT Sat successfully conducted the world’s first 5G data transmission with a satellite connection. The test was carried out using Koreasat-6, positioned at 116° E, and was done in collaboration with the KT Institute of Convergence Technology.

KT SAT plans to launch Koreasat-6A (Mugunghwa-6A) satellite in 2025 to succeed Koreasat-6, which will be decommissioned after 15 years of service. The satellite will provide high-speed data transmission over 10 times faster than that of the classic fixed-satellite service (FSS). Construction will start in 2021 and the launch will be conducted by Arianespace launch operator.


Before privatization 

After privatization

After KT-KTF merger

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