Skybrokers decommissioned the former TELE Greenland Teleport in Copenhagen in Denmark

De-commissioning TELE Greenland Teleport Denmark HERO

Skybrokers decommissioned the former TELE Greenland Teleport in Copenhagen in Denmark

In September 2023, Greenlandic Telco Tusass (formerly TELE Greenland) requested Skybrokers to carry out the decommissioning of their former Teleport facility in Hvidovre close to Copenhagen in Denmark. The de-installation plan involved the removal of three Andrew 9.3m antennas, one 7.3m antenna, and a VertexRSI 3.8m Batwing antenna system. This process was scheduled to occur over two separate visits, with the first visit set to take place in October 2023, during which one of the 9.3m antennas would be taken down from the site for a customer in Mexico. The second visit was planned for April and May 2024, during which the team would dismantle the remaining antennas. Subsequently, two antennas found a new home in Eastern Europe and two antennas were transported to our facility in Holland for final antenna refurbishment before being made available for sale.

Big project with complex logistics and great help of Tommy Besby, Jimmy Tjørved from rental company Nordjysk Lift, Karsten Poulsen from crane company Lastbilcentralen A/S and Jørn Falsbæk from company Marius Pedersen for the waste skips for recycling metal and cabling.

Tusass is the postal and telecommunications company from Greenland. It is the largest telecom company in Greenland and is headquartered in Nuuk with an office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company manages the top-level domain for Greenland .gl, and owns the sea cable Greenland Connect, a 2-pair 128*10 Gbit/s submarine fiber cable connecting Canada, Greenland and Iceland. Formerly known as TELE Greenland, the company was rebranded in 2021 as Tusass, Greenlandic slang for “talk to you later”.