iDirect Technologies Inc.

iDirect Technologies Inc., since November 18th 2005, operates as a subsidiary of Vision Technologies Electronics, Inc. (VTEE) a subsidiary of USA based ST Engineering North America, Inc. which is owned by Singapore based Engineering company ST Engineering, Ltd. also owner of Newtec based in Belgium.

Skybrokers offers for more the 10 years iDirect new and used Satellite Routers and Hub’s. We supported Teleport clients as well as Satellite Services Service providers with the 3100 and 5100-series routers as well as iDirect’s new X3, X5 and X7-series routers and 5iF Hub equipment.

About iDirect Technologies, Inc.

As of November 18, 2005, iDirect Technologies, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Vision Technologies Electronics, Inc. (VTEE) a subsidiary of VT Systems, Inc. which is owned by Singapore based Engineering company ST Engineering, Ltd.

iDirect Technologies, Inc. provides satellite-based Internet protocol communications technology that offers connectivity for voice, video and data applications. The company is World’s largest Enterprise VSAT Systems manufacturer and engages in providing private networks to remote offices; supporting mobile connectivity across land, sea and air; providing rural telephony and Internet broadband; and maintaining communications in the disasters and network failures. It offers hubs, network accelerators, and remote satellite routers, as well as provides Network Management System, a suite of tools for monitoring, configuring, and controlling satellite networks from one central place.

The company also offers iDS Software that integrates technology to maximize flexibility for traffic and bandwidth management; and iDX Software that enables broadband networks to have bandwidth efficiency, flexibility and performance.

iDirect Technologies serves oil and gas, maritime, retail, media entertainment, healthcare, financial and educational industries as well as carriers, corporations and government. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia USA. It also has offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

From the beginning, iDirect has taken a visionary role in VSAT, helping to shape the industry by breaking down long-standing quality and cost barriers. 
In a landmark innovation, they developed an IP-based system that mirrored the quality and reliability of terrestrial communications to deliver, for the first time in satellite history, enterprise-quality applications. This breakthrough helped transform satellite from a “technology of last resort” to a powerful, diverse solution able to handle core network applications and take broadband into the heart of critical enterprise, military and public sector operations.

In another game-changing move, iDirect pioneered the first Virtual Network Operator (VNO) service, thereby introducing an entirely new business model for operators. This service allowed hub network operators (HNO’s) to offer a shared service via a ‘hosted’ hub, creating a new class of service providers, VNO’s that could now bypass the costly hub investment and management of the network infrastructure while maintaining full control of their own network and end users. The VNO service provided, for the first time, a low-risk, low-cost way for operators to enter new markets and expand in response to demand.

Company History

iDirect Company was founded by George Gonzales in 1994 as ComSoft Systems, Inc. located in McLean, VA, USA, and sold and leased networking equipment to businesses. Gonzales was a veteran in the satellite business and had worked for GTE Spacenet and Hunghes Network Systems.

In 2000 Gonzales bought the remains of satellite communications company Iridium that filed for bankruptcy in 1999. The lease of the Iridium 77,000 square foot data center in Reston Virginia was transferred to ComSoft Systems. Buying the Iridium space was a strategic advantage since it would not have to build the data center from scratch.

The Company grew fast and staffing increased from 30 to 200 employees in one year, opening small offices in Miami and Dayton, Ohio, mostly in sales positions.

In 2000 ComSoft Systems, Inc. changed its name to iDirect Technologies, Inc.

By 2004 the Company had deployed its 100th satellite hub and a year later was named the 2005 Teleport Technology of the Year for its 5IF hub and broadband IP VSAT System.

In 2005 iDirect Technologies was acquired by Vision Technologies Electronics, Inc., (VTEE) a subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Engineering, Ltd. (ST Engineering). The deal was executed in a 165 million USD cash transaction. ST Engineering, originally set up as a weapons manufacturer, also owns iDirect’s competitor Belgium based Newtec that was recently acquired in 2019.

In 2006 the Company surpassed 100 million USD in annual revenue, increasing its hub market share to 47%, and established iDirect Government Technologies as a subsidiary of VT iDirect, Inc. to better serve the US Government and Defense organizations.

In 2008 the Company was again awarded the 2008 World Teleport Technology of the Year and began shipments of its first DVB-S2/ACM product line. Later that year VT Systems, Inc. renamed their Satellite Communications Company, iDirect, Inc., in VT iDirect, Inc.

Under the VT Electronics, Inc. embrella, iDirect made its first acquisition in late 2009 by purchasing UK-based Parallel Limited, who were best known for developing the network management software, SatManage. The acquisition was executed in a 9 million USD cash transaction.

In 2011 iDirect Government became a wholly-owned subsidiary of VT iDirect serving the U.S. DOD market with specific highly secure, mobile and portable solutions.

In 2015 VT iDirect achieved a number one market share position with over 2,100 iDirect hubs deployed and a 62.3% hub market share. The company was ranked number one by COMSYS, a UK based telecommunications consultancy company with a core expertise in satellite and VSAT technology.

In 2017 the Company appointed Kevin Steen as its CEO replacing retiring Mary Cotton. Kevin served on VT iDirect’s board of directors as CEO Emeritus, advising the company on key strategic initiatives. Steen has served as COO and SVP of Global Sales since joining VT iDirect in 2010.

In 2019 Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems) change its name to ST Engineering North America, Inc. in an effort to develop higher brand visibility and position itself for greater commercial impact and marketing presence in the USA.

Singapore Technologies, Inc.

Singapore Technologies (ST) is a group of companies with interests in engineering, technology, infrastructure and lifestyle, property and financial services.

The original company was set up in 1967 by the Singapore Government as Chartered Industries of Singapore (CIS) to manufacture 5.56mm ammunition for the M16 rifle. CIS was renamed in 1968 in Singapore Electronic & Engineering (precursor of ST Electronics) when it provided the Singapore Armed Forces with electronic and electrical services. The companies were grouped under holding company Sheng-Li in 1974 and was renamed Singapore Technologies Holdings in 1990 when it and came under state investment company Temasek Holdings in 1994. Singapore Technologies Holdings was dissolved in 2004 in a restructuring exercise and all of its assets were taken over and became directly owned by Temasek Holdings. ST recorded revenues of S$12.7 billion in 2003.

From 1990 some of ST’s companies were listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore; ST Aero and ST Shipbuilding were the first followed by ST Capital, ST Electronic & Engineering, ST Auto and ST Computer Systems & Services.

By 1997 the group’s businesses were spread across five main competencies – Engineering, Technology, Infrastructure and Lifestyle, Property and Financial Services. The traditional defense-related companies, including ST Aero, ST Marine, ST Electronics and ST Kinetics were merged into ST Engineering.

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