Alpha Insights

Alpha Insights is start-up space company providing next-gen SAR satellites for heightened geospatial intelligence. Alpha’s SAR-XL will provide real-time insights with SAR-XL satellites and space-based AI. 

The company is developing the world’s premier space-based and super-high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite technology. Its mission is to pair Alpha’s SAR-XL technology with a predictive analytics platform, delivering unprecedented global insights for precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, maritime monitoring, supply chain tracking and security. Alpha’s SAR constellation will consist of 18 satellites.

Alpha was established in August 2020 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company plans to have a satellite in orbit by 2022.

Company History

Alpha Insights was founded on August 10th, 2020 by entrepreneur Scott Larson, who co-founded UrtheCast, a company specialized in satellite imagery and data, with his brother in 2010. Larson also founded Helios Wire, a start-up building a space-enabled IoT network with one satellite (Pathfinder II) in orbit, which was acquired by satellite operator EchoStar in 2019. Larson established Alpha by acquiring the SAR assets of UrtheCast, which filed for protection from creditors in 2020 to avoid bankruptcy.

In February 2020 Alpha Insights announced a seed investment from Venture Capitalists Prime Movers Lab, that is focused on scientific startups. With the undisclosed level of seed funding, Alpha Insights plans to expand its engineering staff and prepare for spaceflight.

On March 10th, 2021 the company signed a contract for the delivery of four SAR-XL satellites. The deal was valued 4 million USD with a confidential customer. Funds will be used to complete the development of flight-ready spacecraft and scale the company’s engineering team.

In July 2021 the company was awarded a 1.34 Million USD contract from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to Develop SAR Technology for Space Exploration. The funds would accelerate the development of Alpha’s patented high-speed SAR processing, to be used for future missions and applications related to infrastructure, environmental monitoring and defense applications.

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