A1 Microwave

A1 Microwave is a privately held company and leading designer and manufacturer of passive RF and microwave components and sub-assemblies for satcoms, telecoms, radar and scientific applications. Their expertise is in custom products up to 50GHz. The Company is located in Pickering in the United Kingdom with design, manufacturing and administration support functions housed in one building.

Skybrokers supplies quality A1 Microwave products since 2010 as individual parts and systems as well as integration in to feed systems for used and refurbished Earth Station Antennas.

Company History

A1 Microwave was formed in 2001 by Peter Ian Billington and incorporated in 2003. Prior to founding the Company, Billington worked as an Electronic Engineer at Phoenix Electronics, Ltd. and held positions as Managing Director at BSC Filters and K&L Microwave.

A1 acquired JMD Technologies in 2010 which had an established credibility in Precision Waveguide Component and Sub-Assembly production WG 6 (WR 650) to WG 22 (WR 28). JMD had been manufacturing since 1990 and produced via ‘build-to-print’ high quality, low-cost waveguide assemblies and microwave hardware, servicing the commercial, professional and military sectors of the microwave industry. 

A1 Microwave employs world-beating design and simulation software to produce ‘right first time’ designs with optimum performance and requiring little or no post-manufacture tuning. Standard and custom-designed products are offered in the frequency range 100MHz to 50GHz and popular filters for satcoms are available from stock for quick delivery. 

The company also provides build to print of precision waveguide components and sub-assemblies from WG6 (WR650) to WG22 (WR28). A1 supplies specialized items to the Aerospace, Marine, Satellite Communications, Commercial and High-Power segments of the markets. Production is in a tightly controlled environment, utilizing the latest CNC Milling and Turning facilities, Bending, Brazing and Assembly of components. Waveguide components and assemblies include; Slotted Arrays, Bends, Twists, Couplers, Transitions, OMTs, Rotary Joints, Circulator and Load Housings. A1 products and services are free from ITAR restrictions.

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