SatRevolution is a privately held commercial space company that manufactures small, lightweight Nano-satellites, specialized in real-time earth observation for civilian and military applications, and provides in-orbit service provision and data analytics. The company will operate the STORK CubeSat platform consisting of 14 Nano-satellites. SatRevolution is based in Wroclaw, Poland. 

The company has planned to build a constellation of Real-time Earth-observation satellite Constellation (REC) by 2026, which will ultimately consist of 1,500 Nano-satellites for Earth Observation purposes. Earth observation images are currently used in many industries, including defense, agriculture and financial services, but require the raw satellite data to be processed here on Earth.

NASA’s ‘State of the Art Small Spacecraft Technology’ report listed SatRevolution as one of 12 companies in the world dealing comprehensively with the design, production and operation of Earth observation Nano-satellites.

Company History

The company was founded in 2016 by Grzegorz Zwolinski, Damian Fijałkowski and Radoslaw Lapczynski and has offices operating in San Francisco USA and Didcot in the UK.

On July 3rd 2019 SatRevolution successfully deployed its first two Nano-satellites, Światowid and KRAKsat, into orbit that were released from the International Space Station (ISS). The deployment of the satellites was carried out by NanoRacks from USA, using the Cygnus CRS-11 space deployer launched on an Antares 230 rocket operated by Orbital ATK/NASA. The launch marked the beginning of the company’s initiative to place some 1,024 Nano-satellites into orbit as part of its Real-time Earth-observation Constellation (REC) project.

The project concludes with the successful launch of 8 satellites into Low-Earth orbit (LEO) in May 2023. With a budget of 53 million Zlotych (14 million USD), the project will be the first Polish constellation of Earth observation satellites to be designed, manufactured and launched in recorded Polish history. 

The purpose of these eight satellites in orbit is to provide imaging with spatial resolution below 1m in the smallest time intervals for Poland. The images will provide satellite monitoring for the most important and influential branches of the Polish economy and public administration. Data from these images will have a strong impact on the agricultural industry for multiple reasons.

On June 30th 2021 SatRevolution placed two-satellites, STORK-4 and STORK-5/Marta, into the SSO, 500km Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The satellites were launched in the air using Virgin Orbit Launcher One rocket on their ‘Tubular Bells, Part One’ -mission. Virgin Orbit considers launching satellites from SatRevolution on its mission to Mars in 2022.

SatRevolution launched another two satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), STORK-3 and SteamSat-2, on January 13th 2022, using Virgin Orbit’s Launcher One system. The launch was originally scheduled for December 2021 but Virgin delayed this launch due to its merger plans with SPAC company to go public. Satrevolution also has plans to put the first Oman Nano-satellite, called CubeSat, into orbit by the end of 2022. 

SatelliteMissionLaunch DateLauncherLaunch Provider
ŚwiatowidCRS-11/NG-11July 3rd, 2019Antares 230/ISSOrbitalATK/NG
KRAKsatCRS-11/NG-11July 3rd, 2019Antares 230/ISSOrbitalATK/NG
STORK-4Tubular Bells, Part 1Jun 20th, 2021Launcher OneVirgin Orbit USA
STORK-5/MartaTubular Bells, Part 1Jun 20th, 2021Launcher OneVirgin Orbit USA
SteamSat-2Above-the-CloudsJan 13th, 2022Launcher OneVirgin Orbit USA
STORK-1Transporter-3Jan 13th, 2022Falcon 9SpaceX USA
STORK-2Transporter-3Jan 13th, 2022Falcon 9SpaceX USA
SWIFTTransporter-3Jan 13th, 2022Falcon 9SpaceX USA
LabSatTransporter-3Jan 13th, 2022Falcon 9SpaceX USA
STORK-3Above-the-CloudsJan 13th, 2022Launcher OneVirgin Orbit USA
SOWATransporter-5May 25th, 2022Falcon 9SpaceX USA
STORK-6Start-Me-Up (failed)Jan 9th, 2023Launcher OneVirgin Orbit USA
STORK-7Transporter-9Nov 11th, 2023Falcon 9SpaceX USA

In December 2021 SatResolution signed an agreement with Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) to launch their STORK Earth observation satellite constellation into LEO from Esrange Space Center in Sweden. The agreement also includes cooperation on developing services using SSC’s Earth Observation data analytics capabilities throughits subsidiary, GlobalTrust.

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Satellites manufactured by SatRevolution

SatRevolution STORK LEO satellite constellation

Satellite fleet by SatRevolution

SatRevolution STORK LEO satellite constellation