Hiltron Communications, GmbH.

Hiltron Communications, GmbH.

Hiltron Communication GmbH. s is a leading European system integrator, manufacturer and distributor in the field of satellite communication and wireless broadcast solutions Based in purpose-built headquarters near Stuttgart, the company offers on-site facilities including a large technical operations area with high access doors able to accommodate satellite link trucks with antennas. 

Hiltron is one of Europe’s leading transmission-system integrators and is best-known for its HCS3 universal satcom controller.

As a leading member of the Dan Technologies group of companies, based in Denmark, Hiltron Communications is a system integrator, manufacturer, distributor and service provider specializing in satellite and wireless communication.

Hiltron Communications GmbH. designs and manufactures high-grade solutions for redundancy switching, monitoring and management of communication equipment. These systems are based on Hiltron’s unique HCS controller platform which comprises a large number of different plug-in modules and distributed control logic. 

The HCS control system HCS is the core of the Hiltron ACU antenna control unit, DCU de-icing control unit and RMU redundancy monitoring unit. The HMCS software solution can be used to monitor and control the entire communication chain of a satellite earth station. Hiltron also produces the HMAM motorized antenna mount which supports dishes of up to 4.9m diameter. HMAM is a state-of-the-art antenna positioner for applications requiring affordability, reliability and ease of operation.

Company History

Hiltron Communications was founded in 1979 and started as a product distributor before expanding into systems design and manufacturing. The company is located at Backnang, 30 km northeast of Stuttgart in Germany.

In 2008 Dan Technologies, based in Denmark, took a majority stake in Hiltron Communications. Both companies partnered on several projects for Scandinavian clients. The RF and microwave technologies expertise of both companies overlapped well and resulted in the partly acquisition. 

The Dan Technologies group is operating internationally from offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Vietnam and Dubai.

In January 2021 Hiltron purchased the assets of the former ESA Microwave Solutions, GmbH. Hiltron has acquired the know-how to design, develop, manufacture and test feed systems and microwave components for the bands from S to Ka, including band combination for multi-band feeds. Hiltron can now offer multi-band feed systems for new antennas as well as retrofit and upgrade of feeds for existing antennas.

Skybrokers integrates and installs Hiltron products since 2012. Our teams have implemented various Antenna tracking Systems with Earth Station Antennas that we delivered and installed.

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