Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2687B, 9kHz-30GHz (USED)

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Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2687B, 9kHz-30GHz (USED)

Brand: Anritsu

Part number: MS2687B

High-performance microwave spectrum analyzer covering 30 GHz


High-speed Internet services using Wireless LAN’s are spreading rapidly. High-speed hot-spot wireless services are appearing in hotels, offices and restaurants. 5-GHz Wireless LAN equipment and devices are being actively developed and there is urgent need for OFDM signal analysis.

The Anritsu MS2687B Microwave Spectrum Analyzer covers a frequency range up to 30 GHz and can measure up to 5th-order harmonics on 5-GHz Wireless LANs. Moreover, the MS2687B has a maximum RBW of 20 MHz and is ideal for measuring the burst power of wideband signals used by Wireless LANs. When the MX268730A Measurement Software is installed, the modulation accuracy, of each sub-carrier of the OFDM signal can be measured at high speed and high accuracy.


-       Optional measurement software (sold separately) for high-speed modulation analysis (0.5 sec. with IEEE802.11a)
-       Optional wide resolution bandwidth up to 20 MHz and narrow resolution bandwidth from 1 Hz
-       Optional power meter that measures up to 32 GHz
-       Data transmission speed approximately 10 times faster∗ 
(GPIB transmission speed: 120 kbytes/s) ∗ Comparison with Anritsu’s conventional models
-       Optional rubidium reference oscillator for warm-up time of just 7 minutes

Analyzer is tested and comes with a 90-day warranty. We will provide a 19inch rack mount kit.

Anritsu History

Anritsu is a leading manufacturer of radiofrequency (RF) test equipment and communications devices. The company is headquartered in Kanagawa, Japan and was created after the merger of the Annaka Corporation and Kyoritsu Electric in Japan in 1931 to form Anritsu Electric Corp.

The enlarged company then turned its attention to developing transmission systems for emerging television technology. By 1922, Anritsu succeeded in building its first television broadcast transmitter.

While Anritsu continued developing telephone systems, the company expanded its testing and measuring operations.

Anritsu went public in 1968, listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The listing enabled the company to expand beyond Japan for the first time, and in 1970 it began exporting its public telephones to Australia.

In 1990, Anritsu acquired electronics manufacturer Wiltron Company in the US. The addition of Wiltron, which was especially strong in the midrange-frequency sector, Anritsu positioned itself early on to capture a central position in both its domestic market and in the United States.

In the late 90’s, Anritsu was building a truly global business. In Europe, the company opened a new European Measurement division in the UK in order to develop and manufacture test and measurement systems specifically for the European market. The company also entered key markets as China, Korea, India, Singapore, Taiwan, and Brazil. By the end of the decade, Anritsu was present in more than 50 countries worldwide, with sales topping 1 billion USD.

By 2002, components already accounted for more than 11% of Anritsu's annual sales, a percentage held low only because of the group's strong growth in its measurements business.

The ensuing worldwide collapse of the telecommunications market hit Anritsu hard, and sales dropped off accordingly, back to just ¥78 billion (742 million USD) in 2004. Nonetheless, Anritsu's strong commitment to research and development had kept the company at the forefront of the industry. As the telecommunications market began to bounce back, with the advent of third-generation mobile telephone technology, Anritsu's product development promised to keep it as a leading figure on the global scene.


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