Ericsson EN8090 MPEG-2 SD MPEG-4 HD Encoder ASI&IP

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Ericsson EN8090 HD Encoder MPEG-2 SD & MPEG-4 ASI & IP Full options

The Ericsson EN8090 HD Encoder offers picture-perfect quality and is providing the highest quality HD encoding allowing your subscribers to feel apart of the action by offering crisp, vibrant video at extremely low bit-rates.

The EN8090 series is Ericsson’s second-generation of MPEG-4 AVC HD encoders. Building upon the proven operation and interoperability of the award-winning EN5990, the EN8090 series is the low risk deployment choice for any broadcast system.

Based on the latest generation of Intelligent Compression Engine, the Ericsson EN8090 series pushes encoding efficiency to new levels of excellence, providing the ultimate in best quality pictures at lowest bit-rates. The EN8090 series also includes advanced audio coding options to provide equally astounding low bit-rate audio performance. This product is ideally suited for operators wishing to launch new HD-services for:

  • Satellite DTH
  • Digital Terrestrial Television
  • TV over DSL
  • Cable TV
  • VOD content authoring


The Ericsson EN8090 series can substantially reduce the bandwidth required to broadcast HDTV. Enables two or more HD channels in a digital terrestrial transmission channel, where previously only one has been possible. Increases the number of channels on an existing satellite or cable TV network.

Skybrokers offers USED and TESTED encoders that include a 90-day warranty. We have delivered numerous devices to Broadcasters and Teleport Operators for integration with their Earth Station Antennas.

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Ericsson EN8090 MPEG-2 SD MPEG-4 HD Encoder ASI&IP

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