Norsat International, Inc. is a provider of unique and customized communication solutions for remote and challenging applications. Norsat’s products and services include leading-edge product design and development, production, distribution and infield support and service of fly-away satellite terminals, microwave components, antennas, RF conditioning products, maritime based satellite terminals and remote network connectivity solutions.

The company is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and also has a facility in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

Norsat operates through two segments, Sinclair Technologies and Satellite Communications. The Sinclair Technologies segment offers base station antennas, mobile/transit antennas, and covert antennas; and RF filter products, such as cavity filters, transmitter combiners, duplexers, isolators, circulators, and receiver multi-couplers. This segment serves public safety operators, including police forces, coast guards and navies, and a set of ambulance and fire dispatch services; private sector networks comprising rail, ground, and air transportation networks; mobile radio, public safety, aviation, and heavy transport industries; and original equipment manufacturers.

The Satellite Communications segment provides GLOBETrekker, Norsat ROVER, and SigmaLink fly-away satellite terminals, as well as RANGER, an assisted-acquire micro-sat terminal; and SATCOM Baseband Kits for worldwide satellite system field deployments. This segment also provides microwave components comprising satellite receivers, transmitters, transceivers, solid-state power amplifiers, and other microwave components that enable the transmission, reception, and amplification of signals to and from satellites. This segment’s products are used in public safety, national security, natural resource management, and other specialized applications.

The company was formerly known as NII Norsat International, Inc. and changed its name to Norsat International Inc. in July 1999. Norsat International Inc. was founded in 1977 in Whitehors,e Yukon, Canada and is now headquartered in Richmond, Canada. As of July 20, 2017, Norsat International Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Hytera Project Corp.

To date, Norsat has sold more than 2.7 million products in 90 countries throughout the world. Skybrokers integrated and installed various Norsat products with their Earth Station Antennas.

Company History

Norsat International Inc. began operations in 1977 as Northern Satellite Systems with a mission to develop leading satellite technologies for the consumer and commercial markets. Since that time, the Company has established a solid history of developing innovative, high quality products, bringing many industry firsts to market.

The founder of Northern Satellite Systems was Rod Wheeler. He started the company on an innovative idea; to build the first affordable consumer satellite dish. From his cabin in Whitehorse, Yukon, Wheeler toiled over the construction of a workable satellite dish. Even with the limited materials he had, Wheeler successfully constructed a satellite dish out of chicken wire and foil. This dish was the first prototype for Norsat, and it helped launch the company into the satellite market. After the company’s IPO, it was renamed Norsat and Wheeler became its first CEO.

From these roots, Norsat extended its product offering to include a full range of microwave products, digital products for terrestrial and wireless applications, and open standard networks that provide customers with reliable, high-speed data transmission.

In 2011 Norsat further expanded its product portfolio to include antennas and RF conditioning products through its acquisition of Sinclair Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of antenna and RF conditioning products, systems and coverage solutions for public safety, defense and private wireless networks. Sinclair offers more than 2,000 different products including Base Station Antennas, Mobile/Transit Antennas, Covert Antennas, Filters, Receiver Multicouplers, and Accessories which are used extensively in public safety and national security communication networks, corporate and commercial communication networks, natural resource management communications systems, road, rail, air, marine and heavy transport communication systems, specialized network applications. Sinclair has offices in Canada, the USA and the UK.

In March 2017 China based Mobile Communications Company Hytera Communications Corp. Ltd. acquired Norsat in an 82.7 million USD cash deal. The sale was flagged by the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission as raising “significant national-security concerns for the United States” and its allies. In 2019, Hytera was effectively banned from doing business with U.S. government agencies due to national security concerns.

Today, Norsat designs, engineers, and markets its products and services worldwide. Norsat’s established reputation, proven track record, and progressive product offering positions the company to achieve its vision of becoming a premier solutions provider of broadband communications infrastructure for remote and austere regions of the world.

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