Radeus Labs, Inc.

Radeus Labs, Inc. with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Poway, California USA, is a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of leading-edge hardware and software systems for the defense and SATCOM markets. Radeus Labs products are thoughtfully designed with a focus on ease of use, high performance and sustainability. Radeus Labs’ products provide above-average product life spans and deliver added value to users.

Company History

Radeus Labs, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Ray and Duvina Hayden. It was created out of the need to produce high-tech, cost-effective computing solutions. In 2015 Juliet Correnti purchased the company from her parents. Correnti’s institutional knowledge, coupled with business partner Kenneth Cone’s corporate experience with GDSatcom, have enabled them to turn a profit each year since the sale.

Since 2015, business has slowly grown as they added the antenna control system line. Cone’s expertise and prior experience with antenna control systems was a natural fit for Radeus Labs and has allowed them to apply their expertise in manufacturing computerproducts to the antenna control systems product line. Operations have expanded to include defense, industrial computing, and satellite communications. The firm’s focus has always been on quality, delivery, and outstanding customer support.

In March 2020 Radeus Labs, Inc., acquired the product line of SSC, formerly Satellite Systems Corporation, expanding Radeus’ port-folio of control system solutions. With the acquisition, the company will manufacture and provide support for it’s new SSC™ product line as part of its SATCOM-line of business. The new Radeus SSC™ product line consists of Beacon Tracking Receivers (BTR), Frequency Converters, Block Down Converters (BDC’’s) and Low Noise Block Converters (LNB’s).

In June 2020 Radeus Labs, Inc. was selected by Forbes to be on the top 25 “Small Giants” list! The 2020 Forbes’ Small Giants list highlights 25 privately-owned companies that value greatness over fast growth. These companies all share a commitment to being the best at what they do, providing stellar service to customers, offering employees fulfilling, rewarding work, and being vital members of their communities, all while maintaining profitability!

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