Maeslant storm surge barrier in de Nieuwe Waterweg, The Netherlands captured by DigitalGlobe Satellite.

Maeslant storm surge barrier in de Nieuwe Waterweg, The Netherlands captured by DigitalGlobe Satellite.

The Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier is located in the Nieuwe Waterweg near Hook of Holland and was built between 1991 and 1997. The structure is operated entirely automatically and, together with the Hartel Barrier and the expanded Rozenburg dyke, forms the Europoort Barrier. The Maeslant Barrier is a forward flood surge barrier, which means that it receives the full brunt of flooding from the sea and so protects the residents of the province of Zuid-Holland.

No other flood barrier in the world has larger moveable parts than the Maeslant Barrier. This part of the Delta Works can withstand a storm tide of 5 m above NAP.


DigitalGlobe (MAXAR), formerly WorldView, Inc, is an American commercial provider of space imagery and geospatial content as well as an operator of civilian remote sensing spacecraft. DigitalGlobe’s satellites image more than three million square kms of the Earth daily in 30 to 50cm resolution, the highest resolution satellite imagery available. The company is operating as a subsidiary of MAXAR Technologies, Ltd, based in Westminster, Colorado, USA.

In 2012 DigitalGlobe acquired Virginia USA-based GeoEye to create the world’s largest commercial-imagery satellite company. In 2006 GeoEye was formed of former Orbimage of Dulles VA and of former Space Imaging of Thornton in Colorado, USA. The newly formed GeoEye company was the world’s largest commercial satellite imagery provider.

The company is currently operating five satellites for Earth Observation supporting the civil and defense markets.

On October 5th, 2017 the company was acquired by MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates (MDA) and became MAXAR Technologies, a global leader of advanced space technology solutions. In 2019 MDA was sold to a consortium of financial sponsors led by Northern Private Capital (NPC) for 765 million USD, forming MDA, Inc.

In July 2018 DigitalGlobe (MAXAR) created EARTHWATCH™, a powerful cloud-based commercial product to empower customers to extract value from all the types of geospatial information. EARTHWATCH™ supports Industries like technology, energy, insurance, automotive and telecom, as well as civil governments.