NEC 32m satellite Antenna at Leuk Teleport in Switzerland

NEC 32m satellite Antenna at Leuk Teleport in Switzerland

Leuk Teleport is located in the Swiss Alps and is operational since 1974. The teleport has over the 55 antennas installed including the almighty NEC 32m antenna. Leuk/Leukerbad/Leuk-Stadt is a pre-Roman city located between the vineyards north of the river Rhône.

LEUK Leuk Teleport & Data Centre provides low-cost Data Centre services and LEO, MEO and GEO Satellite Services all powered by green energy from our secure, highly connected, central Swiss location.

With over 50 years’ experience providing highly secure connectivity to major organisations, government institutions and the private sector, today announced that following a strategic business review, it is changing the company’s name to LEUK Teleport & Data Centre (LEUK) to better reflect the future direction of the company.

Founded in 1972, the flagship teleport facility in Leuk, Switzerland is now embarking on a number of infrastructure developments including a unique project which by transforming the existing infrastructure with large scale solar arrays, including equipping a number of communications antennas with solar panels, delivers a genuinely green operation with 100% solar and hydroelectric power for the satellite and data centre customers.

With visibility of dozens of satellites from 55W to 70E and robust terrestrial connectivity, LEUK is trusted to provide resilient connectivity services to both government and commercial sectors, including connectivity to a large volume of superyacht customers. The company has long standing alliances with the world’s leading satellite operators including SES, Intelsat and Eutelsat and is now developing its ground infrastructure to support the future of multi-orbit networking from GEO, MEO and LEO satellites.

LEUK’s highly secure facility exceeds the physical and cyber security standards set by multiple European governments and financial institutions. Services via Leuk are protected from 5G interference by the Swiss telecom regulators with added natural protection across all frequency bands due to local topography. The facility is therefore ideal as a backup facility, disaster recovery and redundancy solution for government & enterprise customers.

In April 2022 Skybrokers delivered and installed three Earth Station Antennas at the former SwissCom/Verestar Teleport in Leuk, Switzerland for Signalhorn AG. that recently renamed Leuk Teleport and Datacenter, AG. The antennas were relocated from the Signalhorn Backnang facility in Germany to Leuk and were successfully installed with the great help of the customer and technicians from Signalhorn Germany.