Advantest Spectrum Analyzer R3263 (9kHz-3GHz)

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Advantest Spectrum Analyzer R3263 (9kHz-3GHz)

The Advantest R3263 is a 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer developed for digital mobile communications equipment. Its basic specifications included a frequency range of 9kHz to 3GHz, span accuracy of +/- 1% or less, residual FM of 3 FM of 3Hz (max) /0.1 sec. And drift of 20Hz or less.

It comes with CW mode for spectrum analysis and TRANSIENT mode for powerful support of burst wave analysis. It also comes equipped with a burst envelope measurements function for measuring TDMA digital modulated signal ON/OFF characteristics and a burst spectrum measurement function enabling spectrum analysis in the burst ON interval. By adding the GSM Tx Plus Option, measurement or parameters such as GMSK signal frequency and phase errors and bit synch power can be done at the touch of a button.

Compact easy-to-use Spectrum Analyzer including color LCD-display. Tested before release and we provide 90-day warranty.

Please refer to datasheet for specifications.

Advantest Spectrum Analyzer R3263 (9kHz-3GHz)

Advantest Spectrum Analyzer R3263

Advantest Spectrum Analyzer R3263 (9kHz-3GHz)

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