GeoSat Microwave BUC 30W Ku-Band (13.75 – 14.5GHz)

Condition:New OEM
Manufacturer:GeoSat Microwave, Inc.

GeoSat 30W BUC Ku-Band (13.75 – 14.5GHz)

The GeoSat 30W BUC Ku-band, model GB30EKU2N, is designed for high efficiency resulting in an optimal compact form factor with high performance and reliability.


  • Highly integrated RF technologies (RFIC and GaN)
  • Designed for high volume production
  • Linearity optimized for high order modulation and high data rate
  • Strict quality control processes resulting in <0.25% field failure rates

GeoSat Microwave is a leading manufacturer and developer of low power/high power Block Up Converters (BUC), Block Down Converters (BDC), Low Noise Block Down Converters (LNB) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA).

GeoSat’s state of the art technology and experienced engineers provide the most cost efficient, compact and reliable equipment to system integrators, satellite service providers, Broadcasters and Teleports worldwide.

GeoSat Microwave provides products for Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band and C-Band applications that include a 3-year warranty. As European distributor, Skybrokers provides flexible Worldwide shipping options and we have access to a high number of items in stock for quick release. We can ship EXW USA or Europe.

GeoSat Microwave BUC 30W Ku-Band (13.75 – 14.5GHz)

GeoSat 30W Ku-band BUC GB30KU2N

GeoSat Microwave BUC 30W Ku-Band (13.75 – 14.5GHz)

Datasheet GeoSat BUC 30W Ku-band model GB30EKU2N

GeoSat Microwave BUC 30W Ku-Band (13.75 – 14.5GHz)

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