New Japan Radio (NJRC)

New Japan Radio (NJRC) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor integrated circuits, microwave and micro-electronics components and microwave application products for use in satellite broadcasting, satellite communications and terrestrial communications. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

New Japan Radio, Co. Ltd. (New JRC) is part of the Japanese JRC Group owned by parent company Nisshinbo Holdings, Inc. NJR is the only Japanese manufacturer, and one of the few specialized manufacturers in the world, to provide components essential for VSAT equipment. The company has the largest global market share for the supply of such components as transmitters (BUC or Block Up Converters) and receivers (LNB or Low Noise Block down converters).

NJRC is operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nisshinbo Holdings, Inc. since 2018. The parent company was named Japan Radio, Co. Ltd. prior to Nisshinbo Industries, Inc. as of 2005.

New Japan Radio started as a joint venture between the Raytheon company and JRC (the Japan radio Company) in 1959. Although the company has its roots as a pioneer in the radio and wireless technology fields, NJRC grew to a leading producer of Bipolar and CMOS Linear IC’s. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of Microwave components and Microwave tubes. NJRC’s satellite related product portfolio competes with manufacturers like SMW, GeoSat, Norsat, CEFD and Actox.

Company History

On September 8th, 1959 the company was founded as Saitama Japan Radio, Co. Ltd. and changed name to New Japan Radio, Co. Ltd. in 1961 when the company created a joint venture with US-based Raytheon in Boston MA. The JV started the domestic production of magnetrons for the Japan Defense Agency.

In that same year the company took over the manufacturing division of microwave tubes from Japan Radio, Co. Ltd, and in 1962 the semiconductors production.

In 1963 NJRC took over the sales divisions of microwave tubes and semiconductors from Japan Radio, Co. Ltd.

In 1979 NJR Corp. USA was established and in December 1992 the company established NJR Singapore, Pte, Ltd. to support the Sales in these countries.

In 1994 the company acquired the Certificate of Quality Management System ISO9001, and later, in 1997, NJRC received the Certificate of Environment Management System ISO4001.

In January 2003 NJRC established NJR Fukuoka, Co. Ltd, manufacturing semiconductors and related solid-state devices.

Parent company Japan Radio, Co. Ltd. changed its name to Nisshinbo Industries, Inc. in December 2005.

In January 2008 the company established NJR Shanghai, Co. Ltd. to support the sales of NJR electronic devices products in China.

In 2010 the company established their Taiwan office and NJR Korea, Co. Ltd. in South Korea to support Sales of NJR electronic devices products in both countries.

In August 2016 NJR Europe, GmbH. was established in Frankfurt, Germany to support the sales of NJR electronic devices in the European arena.

In 2018 NJR became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nisshinbo Holdings, Inc.

In January 2021 NJRC merged with Ricoh Electronic Devices, Co. Ltd, and integrated the business of both organizations. In April in that same year the company established Nagasaki Technical Center.

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