Hello Space Systems

Hello Space Systems is World’s third PocketQube satellite constellation tech start-up. The company is one of the pioneers of the PocketQube (the smallest commercial class of satellites) satellite technologies for IoT. Hello Space is based in Turkey, located at the heart of the space applications development community at METU Technocity Ankara. It works closely with other stakeholders involved in space applications with an additional office in Istanbul. The company aims to establish a PocketQube satellite constellation of 50+ satellites in space to offer data services with narrowband data transfer through IoT technology.

Established in May 2022, Hello Space completed software and hardware production followed by a space launch in under 13 months. Concurrent with the satellite production process, the Hello Space Ground Station was built to serve as the management and control center for the PocketQube satellite constellation.

Hello Space Systems launched its first test satellite, Istanbul, with a RideShare mission, coordinated by Alba Orbital from the UK, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in June 2023. The main mission of the Istanbul was to store the sensor data and forward to the ground station. The data then transferred to the end user via cloud technologies.

Company History

Hello Space was founded in May 2022 by Muzaffer Duysal and Zafer Şen as Turkey’s first, commercial, PocketQube satellite venture. Şen is also the founding partner of OBSS Technology, a software developing technology company based in turkey.

On April 15th, 2023 the company launched its first satellite, the Istanbul 1P PocketQube, aboard a Falcon 9 rocket operated by SpaceX. The satellite was the smallest CubeSat ever launched. Hello Space will cover the entire world with its 5x5x5 cm ‘Istanbul’ PocketQube test satellite that will provide worldwide, uninterrupted and powerful data service at low cost. Services such as tracing the motion of cargo containers, remote monitoring of several variables as temperature, humidity levels of industrial equipment and tracking agricultural output to secure efficient supply chain management are all part of this smallsat’s portfolio. 

In May 2023 US-based orbital transportation company and in-space infrastructure services company Momentus, signed an agreement with Hello Space, to carry a hosted payload of a demo deployer carrying two PocketQube satellites on the their Vigoride-VR7 CubeSat deployer to launch with SpaceX Transporter-9 mission on December 1st, 2023.

SatelliteMissionLaunch DateLauncherLaunch Operator
IstanbulTransporter-8Jun 12th, 2023 Falcon 9SpaceX USA
Hello Test 1Transporter-9Dec 1st, 2023 Falcon 9SpaceX USA
Hello Test 2Transporter-9Dec 1st, 2023 Falcon 9SpaceX USA

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