Norsat L-band Bias Tee BT1000-series

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Norsat L-band Bias Tee BT1000-series

Norsat L-band Bias Tee BT1000-series L-band Bias Tee BT1000-series Line Attenuator allows up to 3A of current and passes 10MHz Reference Signal. It features a rugged machined aluminum chassis, and is environmentally sealed and moisture resistant


DC Input

0V to 30V

BUC / LNB Connector: F, 2A max, N & SMA, 3A max.

Operating Temperature:
-30 to +50 ̊C

Storage Temperature:
-40 to +70 ̊C

Dimensions (L x W x H):
105 x 55 x 25mm (4.1 x 2.2 x 0.9inch.)

170g (5oz)


  • Provides DC Supply to high power BUC (DC Power Supply seperate) incase modem cannot supply sufficient power
  • Allows up to 3A of current injection in N-Connector Model
  • Passes L-band signal
  • Passes or Injects 10 MHz Reference Signal


Norsat International, Inc. is a provider of unique and customized communication solutions for remote and challenging applications. Norsat’s products and services include leading-edge product design and development, production, distribution and infield support and service of fly-away satellite terminals, microwave components, antennas, RF conditioning products, maritime based satellite terminals and remote network connectivity solutions.

The company is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and also has a facility in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

Norsat L-band Bias Tee BT1000-series

Norsat Bias T

Norsat L-band Bias Tee BT1000-series

Datasheet Norsat Bias-T BT-1188 L-band

Norsat L-band Bias Tee BT1000-series

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