Zenit 2F

The Zenit-2 is a two-stage launch vehicle using non-toxic propellants: liquid oxygen and RG-1 kerosene. The rocket is used for launching spacecraft into low circular (up to 1500 km) and elliptical Earth orbits.

The Zenit-2 design can accommodate spacecraft of any types and characteristics. Using cutting-edge technologies enabled to provide fully automated launch operations.

The Zenit-2 was first launched on April 13, 1985. In 1985-2004, 36 launches were performed, 31 of which successful. Moreover, modified first stages of the Zenit-2 were used as strap-on boosters in the RSC Energia launch vehicle and performed successfully in two missions (8 boosters in all).

Today, the Zenit-2 is no longer in service, its functions assigned to the Zenit-2SLB launch vehicle.