Andrew 9.3m B-station Satellite Antenna at Brookmans Park Teleport in the UK

Andrew 9.3m B-station Satellite Antenna at Brookmans Park Teleport in the UK

An Andrew 9.3m B-station Satellite antenna at Brookmans Park Teleport in the UK will be de-installed as part of a dismantling project consisting of 4 antennas.

Skybrokers successfully completed the de-installation and removal of four satellite antennas (two Andrew 4.6m, one Andrew 4.9m, and one Andrew 9.3m) from the Brookmans Park UK Teleport in the summer of 2023. The project was carried out for Motorola Solutions and was accomplished with the assistance of a three-member installation team and the Southern Cranes company. The antennas were expertly disassembled and removed from the site.

Motorola Solutions manufactures two-way radios and public safety radio systems for first-responders and law enforcement. It also provides software packages for command centers, mapping and drone surveillance. The company is headquartered in Chicago (IL), USA and has offices in UK, Poland, Singapore and Melbourne in Australia. Motorola Solutions was created in 2011 after the spinoff of its mobile phone division, that was sold to Nokia Siemens Networks.

The Brookmans Park Radio Station, situated on the A1000 road between Potters Bar and Hatfield in Hertfordshire, played a crucial part in the history of broadcasting in Great Britain.

It was the first purpose-built twin transmitter station in the world capable of broadcasting two radio programs simultaneously when it was completed in October 1929.

It also played a part in the early development of television broadcasting. Today Brookmans Park is home to Global Teleports (UK) Teleport.

Licensed for Permanent Earth station (PES) and VSAT network (VSAT) with OFCOM, Global Teleports offers satellite coverage over the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Located in the north field is our primary antenna 9.5m Ku band dish pointing to 22deg west for services in SES-4. The Teleport  has planning permission for a further three large antennas within our demised area of the north field.