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Advantech Wireless, Inc. is an industry leader in design, manufacture and supplier of satellite equipment (Solid State Power Amplifiers, Block-up Converters, Converters and Transceivers, advanced VSAT Terminals, Satellite Modems, Data Broadcast Receivers and Antenna Control Systems) and wireless communications. The company also provides end-to-end, total communications solutions to the military, telephone companies, telecommunications service providers, ISP’s, wireless operators, broadcast operators, system integrators and Fortune 500 enterprises around the globe.

In 2018 Baylin Technology Company acquired the radio frequency, terrestrial microwave and antenna equipment divisions of Advantech Wireless, Inc.

Skybrokers offers for over 10 years Advantech Wireless SSPA’s, BUC’s, Frequency Converters and Modems. We supported several clients with new and used BUC’s and SSPA’s such as the 40W Extended Ku-band BUC and 50W Ku-band and 150W C-band outdoor SSPA.

Advantech Wireless, Inc.

With facilities in the USA, Europe and Canada, as well as local representatives worldwide, Advantech Wireless is a global one-stop shop for cutting-edge technology and innovative communications platforms that are adaptable to the ever-growing needs of today’s interconnected world. Advantech is the result of several acquisitions since it was established in 1988 including Signal Processors Limited (UK) and ACT Wireless Inc. (USA) in 2001 and SpaceBridge Semiconductor Corp. and Allgon Microwave (Sweden) in 2005.

Prior to the acquisition of Baylin Technologies the company comprised four businesses:

The Company has headquarters in Montreal Canada, has approximately 550 employees worldwide, and operates facilities in Europe, in Canada, in Latin America and in the United States.

Company History

Advantech Wireless was established as Advantech Advanced Microwave Technologies, Inc. (Advantech AMT, Inc.) in 1988 by current CEO David Gelerman and is a privately held company that developped and manufactured SSPAs, BUCs, Transceivers, other sub-systems for satellite earth stations and wireless base stations (2GHz to 38 GHz). These products were available for indoor/outdoor installations and cover S-, L-, C-, X-, Ku-, Ka-band. Other products are the frequency converters, satellite modems complied with IESS and DVB standards, satellite data terminals; antenna controllers and DVB-RCS equipment.

David Gelerman holds a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE), specializing in Wireless Communications and Broadcasting from the Moscow Institute of Telecommunications. Gelerman emigrated from the Soviet Union to Canada in 1981 and spent 7 years as Manager Product Development at Nortel Networks before he started up his own company.

On June 6th 2001 Advantech Wireless (EMEA), Ltd. was established in Huntington, UK to operate as a subsidiary of Advantech AMT, Inc. to serve their European customers. Advantech Wireless (EMEA) Ltd. changed its name 3 times; Law 2304, Ltd, from June 6th 2001 till July 13th 2001 and SPL/ACT Wireless Europe, Ltd. from July 13th2001 till 26th of May 2004. The last change happened on May 13th 2014 when the company changed the name into Advantech AMT, Ltd.

In 2001 Advantech AMT, Inc. acquired UK based Signal Processors Limited (SPL). SPL was a manufacturer of high-performance satellite modems, multimedia data broadcast systems and INTRAC antenna control systems.

Later in 2001 Advantech acquired US based Applied Cellular Technology, Inc. (ACT, Inc.). ACT was specialized in providing solutions and services to the Wireless, Telecommunications, and Digital Industry.

In 2005 Advantech AMT, Inc. acquired SpaceBridge Semiconductor Corp.
 a supplier of wireless broadband terminal technology. SpaceBridge began operations in 1997 in Canada and focused solely on the development of advanced silicon solutions for broadband wireless access systems regardless of whether they are used in terrestrial or satellite networks.

Also in 2005 Advantech AMT, Inc. acquired Allgon Microwave Radio (AMR) based in Sweden from Powerwave Technologies Group. The Allgon Microwave brand was well known for its high reliability, low-to-medium capacity microwave radios, spanning 7 GHz to 36 GHz and 8 to 36 megabits.

On May 5th, 2006 Advantech AMT, completed the acquisition of the assets of United Tri-Tech Corporation (UTTC), including the Northern Radio and Wireless division. UTTC offered a complete range of design services and comprehensive electronic manufacturing services, working with a diverse mix of electronic product types. The Northern Radio and Wireless (NRW) division, previously a business division of Nortel Networks, provided a range of terrestrial microwave radio products and related engineering services.

Furthermore in 2006 Advantech acquired the Satellite Network division of EMS Technologies. EMS Satellite Networks together with SpaceBridge Semiconductor, acquired by Advantech AMT in 2005, was forming Advantech Satellite Networks division (Advantech SatNet). Satellite Networks expanded Advantech’s product range and capability, international sales and service presence as well as a significant complementary range of products in combination with its parent company, Advantech AMT.

Customers always associated Advantech AMT with microwave components, but in 2010 Advantech AMT changed their image and branded them as Advantech Wireless.

Advantech’s innovative technologies enhanced the communication capabilities of government agencies, military personnel, emergency response units, private corporations as well as Internet, television and radio broadcast providers in over 150 countries. Advantech delivered equipment for thousands of ground systems, all with uncompromising quality.

Over the years, Advantech Wireless experienced rapid and consistent growth. In addition to designing innovative products that had revolutionized the industry, Advantech made significant business acquisitions, adding to their strengths, global presence and depth of services. The two most notable strategic acquisitions were Nortel’s microwave radio unit and Allgon Microwave Radio from Sweden. Coupled with ongoing product development, these acquisitions have given Advantech Wireless a complete portfolio for all facets of network support.

Advantech Wireless is a founding member of the World Teleport Association’s (WTA) new Technology Discount Centre, providing its members cost effective access to satellite communications. The company is also a member of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), an organization that comprises over 200 companies dedicated to open interoperable standards for the global delivery of digital media and broadcast services.

In January 2018 Canada based technology Company Baylin acquired the radio frequency, terrestrial microwave and antenna equipment divisions of Advantech Wireless, Inc.

Baylin is a leading global technology company in the wireless world and has over 39 years of experience in designing, producing and supplying innovative antenna and communications solutions thru their subsidiary Galtronics, Inc.

On November 13th 2018, the Advantech Satellite Networks businesses changed its name in to SpaceBridge, Inc. where founder David Gelerman became CEO.

Key dates

1988: Advantech Advanced Microwave Technologies, Inc. (Advantech AMT, Inc.) was founded and established by current CEO, David Gelerman.
2001: On June 6th Advantech Wireless (EMEA), Ltd. was established in Huntington, UK to operate as a subsidiary of Advantech AMT, Inc.
2001: Advantech AMT, Inc. acquired UK based Signal Processors Limited (SPL), a subsidiary of Applied Cellular Technology Inc.
2001: Advantech AMT, Inc. acquired US based ACT Wireless, Inc.
2005: SpaceBridge Semiconductor Corp, a supplier of wireless broadband terminal technology was acquired.
2005: Acquisition of Allgon Microwave Radio (AMR) from Sweden.
2006: Advantech AMT, Inc. acquired United Tri-Tech Corporation (UTTC), including the Northern Radio and Wireless division. Privately held UTTC based in Canada was manufacturer of electronic components. Northern Radio and Wireless Corp. was a business divestiture from Nortel Networks – Radio Transport Division.
2006: Advantech AMT, Inc. acquired EMS Technologies; a world leader in DVB-RCS systemsand integrates its Satellite Networks into Advantech’s SatNet Division.
2010: Advantech AMT, Inc. refocused their business and changed name into Advantech Wireless, Inc.
2014: On May 13th Advantech AMT, Ltd. a subsidiary of Advantech Wireless, Inc. changed its name for the 3rd time into Advantech Wireless (EMEA), Ltd.
2016: Advantech Wireless, Inc. opens new US Head Quarters in Buford GA close to Atlanta. The office will provide customer service and support, along with training and finished goods inventory for fast deliveries to US customers.
2016: Advantech Wireless has been selected by Airbus Defence & Space to provide the Beyond Line of Sight communications solution as part of their Border Control infrastructure.
2018: Baylin Technology Company acquires the radio frequency, terrestrial microwave and antenna equipment divisions of Advantech Wireless, Inc. Advantech Satellite Networks, Inc. changed its name in to SpaceBridge, Inc.

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