Advantest Spectrum Analyzer U3641 (9kHz-3GHz)

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Advantest Spectrum Analyzer U3641 (9kHz-3GHz)

The Advantest U3641 is a 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer ideal for field use. With a light weight, compact size and three-way power supply includng battery operation, the U3641 has been designed specially for field installation and maintenance applications.

In addition, with the inclusion of a synthesized local oscillator, the U3641 allows high-precision and high-stability measurements with a minimum resolution bandwidth of 100Hz. A fast zero span sweep speed of 50ps allows characterization of burst signal rising and falling edges and the measurement of power during on and off periods.

Compact easy-to-use Spectrum Analyzer including color LCD-display and portable battery pack. Tested before release and we provide 90-day warranty.

Please refer to datasheet for specifications.


Advantest Spectrum Analyzer U3641 (9kHz-3GHz)

Advantest Spectrum Analyzer U3641 front view
Advantest Spectrum Analyzer U3641 rear view

Advantest Spectrum Analyzer U3641 (9kHz-3GHz)

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