Harmonic ViBE EM4000 MPEG-4 dual HD/SD Encoder

Condition:Used and tested
Model:ViBE EM4000

The compression performance of the Harmonic ViBE EM4000 HD/SD encoder allows for significant cost savings through better use of bandwidth while delivering a premium viewing experience.

The ViBE encoder brand is synonymous with premium, high-quality video compression. Now part of Harmonic, ViBE encoders utilize
the most advanced compression technologies available, gained from 20 years of know-how in encoder algorithm optimization. The ViBE EM4000 is especially well-suited for satellite, terrestrial broadcast and premium cable or IPTV applications, as well as various other kinds of content aggregation.

At the heart of the ViBE EM4000 is a decoupled processing engine driving the Mustang 2.0 next-generation compression algorithm. Mustang 2.0 increases HD MPEG-4 AVC encoding efficiency thanks to improved motion estimation, refined multi-pass encoding and advanced preprocessing.

This is a used and tested device and we provide a 90-day warranty. The unit contains ASI&IP out, 4:2:0 options.

Harmonic ViBE EM4000 MPEG-4 dual HD/SD Encoder

Datasheet Harmonic Premium HD:SD Encoder ViBE EM4000

Harmonic ViBE EM4000 MPEG-4 dual HD/SD Encoder

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