GSatcom Space Technologies is a joint venture of Argentina’s state-run technology company INVAP and Turkey’s partly state-owned Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), manufacturer of fighter planes, attack helicopters and military drones. The Company was formed in 2018 with the goal of building and selling small GEO satellites at home and abroad.

The JV-company will focus mainly on high-throughput satellites that would weigh 500 to 2,000 kilograms with 1.5 to 7.5kW of onboard power. As part of the agreement, the ARSAT-SG1 satellite will be constructed for ARSAT, Argentina’s state-owned GSM and satellite operator. The satellite project, with 15-year orbit life, will create new opportunities for both countries and companies and will open new horizons for Turkey in space and satellite industries. The spacecraft is planned to be delivered in 2024.  

Small Size GEO Satellites

Small Size GEO Satellite is a telecommunication satellite platform, which is capable of accommodating wide range of commercial payloads and missions; from TV broadcasting to multimedia applications, internet access and mobile or fixed services in a wide range of frequency bands Small Size GEO Satellite’s new, modular and flexible design, boosts global industry’s ability to play a significant role in commercial telecommunication satellites.

The small size geostationary satellite Small Size GEO Satellite, can employ various frequency bands such as; Ka, Ku, X, C, S, L, UHF or any other telecommunication payloads according to the necessities with encrypted satellite access.

Delicately optimized resizable and modular design approach is a key role in Small Size GEO Satellite solution that meets diversified customer requirements without any major modifications on its platform. The Small Size GEO Satellite product family is designed to serve for any complex communication mission with its 0.5-to-2-ton system capacity in space segment.

Small Size GEO Satellite provides the following major unprecedented advantages for their end-users:

The Small Size GEO Satellite family of optimized geostationary satellites suits to most of the telecommunications missions and presents best CAPEX in the industry for turnkey services on the market.

In 2014 GSatcom was contracted for the construction of the Türksat-6A communications satellite for satellite operator Türksat AS. The satellite will be the first geostationary communications satellite to be built in Turkey.

Türksat-6A will feature 16 Ku-band transponders for commercial and civil telecommunications and two X-band transponders for military communications. Development and construction of the satellite was started in early 2015. The satellite is expected to be completed in 2021 and the launch is planned for 2022.

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