Global Invacom

Global Invacom is a world leading integrated satellite equipment provider involved in R&D, design and the supply of SatCom products to large-scale satellite broadcasters.

The Company operates through two business segments:

– Satellite Communications (SatCom),
– Contract Manufacturing (CM).

The SatCom segment is engaged in the development, design and manufacture of products for the satellite television market, including products, such as satellite dishes, low noise blocks, multi-switches, band and channel stackers, and fiber distribution equipment, to customers ranging from broadcasters, building and electrical contractors, satellite installers and mobile system integrators.

The CM operates contract-manufacturing facility in China, which focuses on third-party printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, logistics, and module assembly and testing. It provides a range of dish antennas, low noise block receivers, transmitters, switches, video distribution components and electronics manufacturing services in the SatCom and computer peripherals, medical and consumer electronics industries.

Company History

Global Invacom was formed as Global Communications by Roger Pannell in 1985. Roger and his wife Helen manufactured and sold products from the garage of their family home.

In 1987 the Company had seven employees and needed new premises and the office in Burham-on-Crouch was obtained where Global moved in.

In 1990 Global moved its Head Office to Winterdale Manor, Althorne, UK and 1991 the company’s production reached it’s first 100,000 products in 1 year.

In 1998 Global achieved its record sales of over 1 million Frequency extenders. In the same year Global commissioned to develop the SW21 switch for Echostar Satellite Operator. To support the Echostar contract Global starts manufacturing in China and Echostar switched almost all their switch requirements to the SW21 switch exclusively from Global.
In the same year 38% of Global is sold to the 4 members of the management team.

In 2000 Global Communications (UK), Ltd. made a major investment in Invacom, a company that developed special LNB’s with or without transceiver.  Invacom was founded in 2000 by two Microwave engineers, Gary Stafford and Dave Smith.

In 2002 Global reaches sales of over 150,000 Multi-switches per month and 97% of all Global production was manufactured through their Far East facilities.

In 2006 Roger and Helen Pannell took a 5-year sabbatical and appointed Tony Taylor as Global’s new Managing Director.

In April 2008 ‘Global Communications (UK), Ltd’ and ‘Invacom, Ltd’ merged to form Global Invacom. The merged company was restructured and Roger and Helen were bought out.

In 2010 the company purchased a controlling Interest in the Radiance Group and in July 2012 the acquisition was finalized in a reverse merger transaction. Global Invacom represented 90% of Radiance Shanghai’s business. The Radiance Group was engaged in the provision of electronic manufacturing services for the original equipment manufacturers or original design manufacturers of various products primarily in the Asian countries, North America and Europe. The company is based in Singapore and was formerly known as Radiance Electronics, Ltd. and changed its name to Radiance Group, Ltd. in April 2009.

In 2011 the company purchased the assets of ProVision, Ltd, a British company that designed and developed wireless HD connectivity products for use in homes and commercial environments.

In 2012, Global Invacom reversed into Radiance Group on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) in order to enact a listing. The purpose of the intended Aim listing was to consolidate a highly fragmented market in satellite technology, and to benefit from the continued growth in the demand for satellite television. With the reverse take-over the company formed Global Invacom, Sdn. Bhd. (GISB).

In the same year the company acquired The Waveguide Solution, Ltd. (TWS), a UK microwave waveguide transmission specialist that designs and manufactures waveguide components and applications for the military, medical, aerospace and marine industries. TWS was the first acquisition by Global Invacom since the merger of Global Invacom Holdings, Ltd.

To expand the manufacturing capabilities within Europe, the company acquired in 2013 Raven Manufacturing, a UK manufacturer of satellite antennas and formed Global Invacom Manufacturing (UK), Ltd. (GIML). Raven was branding VSAT antennas of Channel Master and Andrew.

In November 2014 the company acquired OnePath Networks, Inc. that manufactures and markets RF over fiber solutions for commercial, government and military markets in Israel and abroad. OnePath Networks was formerly known as Foxcom, Ltd. and changed its name to OnePath Networks, Inc. in 2000. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Also in 2014 Global Invacom Group completed a complimentary listing on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The Group would use the funding to grow its business and explore new investments opportunities.

The company’s goal was to bring together different elements of the industry and become the largest player. This resulted in 2015 in the purchase of US satellite antennas manufacturer Raven Antenna Systems, Inc, which designed and manufactured antennas under the Skyware Global brand for the DTH and VSAT markets. The acquisition boosted Global Invacom’s portfolio of products and widened its customer base and adds a North American presence to its manufacturing footprint that spanned Asia and Europe.

In October 2016, Global Invacom Group, Ltd, changed the trading name for its US subsidiary Raven Antenna Systems, Inc, into Global Skyware.

Skyware Global vs Global Skyware

Global Skyware is one of the seven companies of the Global Invacom Group, Ltd, a world leading integrated satellite equipment provider involved in R&D, design and the supply of SatCom products to large-scale satellite broadcasters.

Skyware Global antennas are the former called Channel Master, Andrew and Skyware Antennas. They were marketed under the brand ‘Skyware Global’. Channel Master, founded in 1949, was a manufacturer of prefabricated aluminum TV antennas. After the acquisition by Avnet Corporation in 1967, Channel Master moved its manufacturing facilities to Smithfield, North Carolina and Avnet sold the company to the Raven Group in 1998 at a 33 million USD profit.

In October 2003, Channel Master filed for chapter 11-bankruptcy protection after losing its largest client, EchoStar. Its Smithfield, NC satellite dish factory, which formerly employed 1600 people, was turned over to Andrew Corporation.

After various acquisitions the former Channel Master antennas were branded under the Andrew name, Raven Skyware, Skyware Global and currently Global Skyware as part of the UK-based Global Invacom group.  Global Skyware has supplied both former Channel Master VSAT antennas and other DTH products to many customers throughout the world.

On 24th of October 2016, Global Invacom Group, Ltd, changed the trading name for its US subsidiary Raven Antenna Systems, Inc, into Global Skyware.

In June 2019 Global Invacom acquired the technology, assets and IP of Germany based ApexSat company to broaden Global Invacom’s product suite and enable the Group to address the entire global market for upcoming LEO and MEO satellite communication constellations. Apexsat specialises in the design and manufacture of steerable earth station solutions and motorised and transportable antenna systems and will be integrated into Global Invacom’s existing antenna manufacturing subsidiary located in Accrington, UK.

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